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Increase the profitability of your company with a Back Office

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A restaurant, an office, a dental clinic... Your business can start to improve its profitability thanks to the quality of its back office. So, think: How do you manage your suppliers? Do you guarantee compliance with the established bases? Do your clients wait too long for invoicing? Is staff management too slow? Are some internal documents that are vital for the company disorganised? How are you updating your database? Do you keep track of the information you send to your potential clients? How do you guarantee compliance with the regulations?

So many questions to consider, right? The situations we have just described reflectindications of the need to improve the quality of the Back Office, so pay attention to what we are going to tell you in this post.

Back Office, the place where you manage your administrative tasks

The Back Office is not just a part of the company, but the place where you manage all the internal procedures and administrative tasks that are not directly related to customer interaction. That is to say:

  • Invoicing, collections andpayments. Credit and debit memos, invoice archiving, order tracking, related incident management, supplier invoice retrieval, validation, payment preparation, accounting, etc.
  • Administration, which includes different areas, from Human Resources (personnel management, organisation of the company staff, etc.) to Administration (reports, document archiving, database updating, , e-mail processing, etc.).
  • Customer service: complaints and queries received through different channels, follow-up of information sent to customers, drafting of forms, and other types of direct communication.
  • Follow-up of emails in campaigns. ICTs are connecting companies and customers in a bidirectional way, and emails need to be classified according to different factors that allow for successful drafting and management.

Properly managing the back office requires the support of technology, which will reduce operating costs and improve decision making on strategic issues related to the performance of your business. Everything that happens in the back office is even more important than what happens in the front office.

Increasing your company's profitability with a good back office

The big goal for companies is to increase profitability without compromising performance and costs. Technology is playing a decisive role in this goal, as it is the perfect ally to achieve it. So much so, that many businesses are already outsourcing their back office and transforming it digitally.

This is the option that most businesses are choosing to increase their profitability for several reasons:

  1. It improves operational efficiency due to streamlined processes that help ensure that all issues are handled correctly.
  2. Itimproves the user experience due to the provision of consumer-facing capabilities, such as anytime, anywhere access.
  3. Reduces operational and transactional costs, as optimisation eliminates unnecessary manual effort, and enhances employee self-service and self-help capabilities.
  4. Continuous service improvement due to increased visibility, identifying new opportunities for improvement.
  5. Increased insight into performance due to real-time staff observation of operations and tracking.
  6. Standardises the company and not just streamlined processes, but also provides a single point of service and tailored support
  7. Improves communication and access: telephone, email, chats and other transmission channels.
  8. Increase your return on investment (ROI).

do you need to improve your company's Back Office? All these improvements have a positive impact on profitability.

Customised back office development

The transformation of your Back Office starts by detecting the need. There are professional teams in software development and Back Office ready to create a private access web (Login) through which you can manage your applications from anywhere. Thanks to this alternative, you do not even have to have knowledge of the language to manage the database, but all this is replaced by a graphical interface that provides access from anywhere.

This process starts with an objective (working actions for users on the web), continues with the controllers (the administrators and collaborators of the process who manage invoices, customers, partners...), the analysis and design (a sketch is created based on the data collected from the analysis and the design is created according to the selected interface), implementation, testing and testing (the result is evaluated and it is taken into consideration that we are dealing with a software that will support simultaneous user requests).

do you need to manage your administrative processes in a much more automated way? Don't hesitate to ask us, we will be happy to listen to you.

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