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Occam, custom web development in Madrid

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The passing of the years has taken us to the web 4.0. And companies must be prepared for what is to come. Even more so in times of pandemic, where online sales have skyrocketed. At Occam Digital Agency we have set to work to facilitate this process. We start from a motto, "what does not communicate, does not exist".

And no matter how much effort and effort you put into your business, if you don't tell your customer that you're there, offering them your best products and services, they're not going to notice on their own. In the physical world, it's great to put the best attire on your shop window, but in the online world there's nothing like having an optimised website that serves as your business card or virtual shop window.

Are you worried about how to create your website? Relax, take a breath and find out in this post, because at Occam we will accompany you and advise you throughout the process.

6 steps to develop your tailor-made website

do you want to know how to develop a website? Or rather, do you want to know how to make it custom-made? Our team makes it easy so that you not only enjoy the destination, but also the journey. And for that we have marked these steps:

  1. Prepare a briefing. Although this concept may sound like Greek to you, it is nothing more than the document or sketch of what you need to advertise on the Internet (objectives, size of the company, country of residence, personal data, status of the current website, budget considered for the development, type of development, structure, contact details, metrics, technical aspects, maintenance and a long etcetera).

Our project manager will sit down with you to prepare this document and you will review each section in such a way that we will capture the essence of your business quickly.

  1. We propose 3 designs in pdf so that you can get a preview of how the design of the Home page will look like. It is the showcase of your business and the first impression for thousands of users, so we want to put your best face. In addition, we also show you two internal pages so that you can visualise how they will look at the time of delivery.
  2. You are part of the process, so while we develop points 1 and 2, we will ask you to start writing about your business services and products, you know, what you tell your customers, who you are, what you offer, what differentiates you from the competition, etc. We need this information so that the page conveys the essence of you and your business.

We know that this part may cost you a bit more, but it is essential to dedicate some time to it so that we understand your business perfectly. We will be here to help you whenever you need it, so don't hesitate to call us if you have any doubts.

  1. Once the content is available, we will start to lay out your website, this is the ideal time to do it because your content is the seed we need to create a strong and optimised website.
  2. When we finish the layout of your entire site, it will be the perfect time to do a quality control and check that everything is working properly. Does it fit your business needs, does it meet the quality standards of a B2C or B2B site? All this will have to be taken into account before launching and uploading. When the project manager gives the go-ahead, she will call you to review it together.
  3. and now what? Well, the most awaited moment has arrived. The only thing left to do is to upload your website to the internet, and for this we are going to contract a hosting service, that is, the home where your website will live from now on. In short, it is an online service that allows you to publish your website on the internet and to host all the data and files necessary for your site to function correctly.

We take care of the transfer with delicacy so that after all the development and care you can have your website available to all users.

ready to exploit its full potential!

16 custom web development services included in Occam

So far, we have told you about the main steps we follow for custom web development in Madrid. Now it is the turn of the services we include:

  • A completely free domain name.
  • Study ofkeywords or key words so that your website positions better.
  • 1 custom design of the home page and 2 internal page designs.
  • Layout of your home page, plus 9 other internal pages with sections (services, about us, contact, blog...) We want you to have a complete website.
  • Quality control of web functions.
  • Responsive multi-devicedesign. As Steve Jobs said, "design is not only how it looks and feels, it's also how it works".
  • We added contact forms.
  • We include a direct call button for those who reach you from their phone.
  • We prepared a blog for you to upload your content and make it viral!
  • A platform easy to manage by yourself.
  • Modular design to easily add new functions in the future.
  • On-site or virtual session with our project manager to learn how to use and manage your new website.
  • Sign up for Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Free account in HubSpot CRM to control user navigation.
  • And a software to attend all your appointments through your website. We live in complicated times and a new normality that requires other functionalities.

would you like to enjoy a complete and optimized website? In Occam Agencia Digital we have more than 5 years of experience in custom web development in Madrid and nationally and internationally, so we would like to accompany you throughout this process. We are fascinated by that idea you have in mind, it is worth remembering and is the first step to create a memorable website.

shall we talk about it?

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