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Occam Digital Agency present at the first HubSpot event in Spain

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Occam Agencia Digital was present at the first HubSpot event in Spain on 7 November, enjoying the advice of inbound marketing professionals.

HubSpot created the vision of Inbound-marketing:

HubSpot was founded in 2006 as a result of a simple observation: people changed the way they live, work, shop and consume, but businesses failed to adapt to the changes. Noticing this gap, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah created the vision of Inbound-marketing and developed the HubSpot platform to support it.

First HubSpot event in Spain

Brian Halligan HubspotHaving just arrived from his keynote at INBOUND 2017, Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-Founder of HubSpot, opened the event with the keys to scaling a company. He told us about his experience of HubSpot's first steps in 2006. The company went from having 13 competitors worldwide to having 5000 competitors.

how do you grow your business?

Brian Halligan tells us that it all starts with hiring the right employees. The culture of the company is the secret ingredient that, in the end, will make it grow and consolidate its position in the market. The mission matters and it must be conveyed to each member of the team. Then, you have to build a product or service that fits the market of the moment. Finally, you have to make it reach the public.

Society is changing the way they shop. How you sell has become much more important than the product itself. It's about attracting, converting, closing and delighting the audience, making it a unique experience for the buyer.

New marketing strategies at the service of the consumer

Laura Martínez HubspotLaura Martínez Molera, Senior Marketing Manager for Latin America at HubSpot, went on to explain the age of the consumer and how it has changed marketing and sales, explaining how traditional marketing is being pitted against new marketing strategies such as inbound marketing and the movement that has led so many growth stories.

The audience in the past was not having a good experience when it came to buying a product or contracting a service. They conducted a survey and affirmed this fact. Marketing and sales professionals scored between 1% and 0% trust. The audience perceived marketing professionals as unpleasant or disruptive and sales professionals were likened to a shark.

The way we consume has changed, but as companies, we need to adapt faster than ever. We not only need to have an excellent product but also an exceptional experience.

what makes an experience exceptional?

  • Understanding the needs of the audience
  • Providing relevant information
  • Responding or providing information at the right time
  • Providing the audience with a variety of products or solutions

Buyers want: personalisation, automation and service.

Personalisation has to be about making our consumer understand that we care. Everyone likes to be valued. We have an innate desire to control everything and limit information overload. We must segment the information we give to the audience.

Automation is about learning from our user and anticipating their desires. We must try to increase productivity and provide greater trust.

Finally, self-service is about responding to our customers quickly and at the time they want. Today's society advocates less human contact and a purchase at the exact moment to respond to their needs.

It is very important to build trust and to be aware of your audience at all times, so that marketers and sales professionals can build and increase the trust that today's audience does not place in us.

Reinforce a marketing and sales strategy with HubSpot

Carlos Martín, Senior Sales Engineer at HubSpot, explained how to reinforce a marketing and sales strategy, how to promote the brand name, how to scale a content strategy that generates quality traffic for your website, and how to convert inbound leads into satisfied customers. All this with HubSpot.

Growth is the result of a great customer experience - it all starts with providing a great audience experience from the sales stage, all the way through the marketing process.

Finding leads is perhaps the hardest part. It all starts with content, but not just any content. Content must be personalised and relevant. HubSpot's CMS allows you to host landing pages, blog content and even create a web design.

Envisage and Grow HubSpot

50 minutes is the average time people spend on Facebook today. This translates to 16% of the day. This data provides us with a great opportunity. HubSpot allows us to schedule social media posts from a single interface. It also enriches our content with an image bank.

HubSpot allows you to interact, nurture, close and delight customers. With HubSpot you can learn infinite possibilities from the market. HubSpot's software helps you grow and consolidate your relationship with all your customers from the very beginning.

The first HubSpot event in Spain closed with the success stories of Spanish companies that are using inbound marketing, such as the case of Inbound Cycle, and a final networking in which you could meet the rest of the attendees and the HubSpot team.

"Success is making those who believed in you look brilliant"

- Dharmesh Shah, CTO of HubSpot.

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