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Occam at HubSpot Dublin: Agency Account Manager Essentials Bootcamp

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The Occam Digital Agency team had the pleasure of being invited to attend the Agency Account Manager Essentials Bootcamp on the 24th and 25th of April at the HubSpot Dublin offices, together with 15 other partner agencies from different European countries.


Envisage & Grow and Occam at Agency Account Manager Essentials Bootcamp

During the two days, morning and afternoon sessions were held with an initial networking coffee, lunch and a final intervention by different partners where ideas and experiences could be shared. The sessions were focused on improving the techniques used by the account managers of the different agencies, and to this end they were divided into different themes:

  • How to carry out a good initial assessment of the client's strategic planning , as well as how to choose whether it is a good fit with Inbound services.
  • The importance of knowing the value of each user in their sales cycle and how to verify that the start of a contract with a new customer is being successful through first impressions, good onboarding, empowerment and unity with the customer and feeling that all the pieces of both engines are already moving in unison.
  • Influencing customer sales and the need to align actions between the sales and marketing team.
  • Building a strategy around a pillar page and how to structure the website around it, as well as different techniques to improve relevance, authority and SEO impact.
  • How to implement 'quick wins' tactics : a way to show initial value and start a new customer relationship the right way.
  • Best practices for reviewing the HubSpot customer portal , as implementing it maintains customer expectations, identifies quick wins to highlight in customer meetings, compiles various metrics on a single screen, identifies potential improvements and looks at the overall status to maintain ongoing transparency with the customer.

At the same time, we were also able to experience the Inbound Marketing environment that HubSpot imbibes and transmits to the more physical human side of its European headquarters, as confirmed by Great Place to Work Ireland, a global institution that identifies the top organisations in 45 countries around the world, recognising the HubSpot Dublin offices as the fifth best place to work in Ireland and the best for women.

Finally, we had the opportunity to share impressions with the different Bootcamp attendees. All partners agreed that there is no perfect strategy or ideal state where you can just sit back and watch for the expected results to emerge. Inbound is not positioned as a magic machine that produces overnight success. Inbound is a constant marathon. However, over time, as we align our agency with the client, we can build better relationships, understand their needs and attract results closer to the desired ones.

At Occam Digital Agency we believe in continuous training to provide our clients with constant innovation value, applying the latest techniques in Inbound marketing, in order to keep growing in a sector full of possibilities and, as HubSpot says, Grow Better, keep growing better.

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