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New trends in marketing

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We pay attention with great interest to every novelty, every possible opportunity to leave comfort behind, every good taste in our mouths. We pay attention with great interest because we like to innovate and feel part of a process that never ends. Every year, unexpectedly or unexpectedly, new doses of hope come to us in the form of trends.

However, there are trends that never end, that never cease to be, and we need look no further than Inbound Marketing. Its beginnings date back more than 10 years. So what? It is still a new concept for many brands. And not only that, but the methodology itself continues to incorporate new trends. Like the flywheel. Sound familiar?

Well, let's take a look at some of the latest developments in this marketing universe.

New trends in marketing

It strikes us how there are trends that never go out of fashion. They are permanently frozen as if they were a static light. Marketing is a world that moves according to the social needs of the consumers or users. Surely that is why they change and transform continuously. We tell you some of the most current ones:

  • CHATBOTS. Have you heard of them? It is a kind of computer programme with which you can hold a conversation to ask for information, make a query or carry out a task. Unlike applications, this tool does not take up space on the device.
  • IMPORTANCE OF BIG DATA. Obtaining and analysing the data obtained from interaction with users is becoming a priority tool for brands, as it allows them to understand consumer preferences and make intelligent decisions.
  • PROMOTING MARKETING AUTOMATION. Companies are increasingly looking for effectiveness and efficiency in their processes, and in marketing it could not be less. Marketing departments and agencies are increasingly forced to automate their processes due to the number of advantages they obtain.
  • VIDEO MARKETING: Increased intensification and development of this tool in marketing campaigns, not only for the presentation of a specific product or service, but also to include them as part of content strategies, to present the company's presence at an event, to showcase the team, etc.
  • INSTAGRAM: Considering that around 4 million interactions take place on this social network every day, something has to be done. It seems that companies are including this network as one of their marketing channels.

have you implemented any of these trends in your brand?

why is it important to keep up to date with trends?

In marketing as in any other field, keeping up to date with the latest developments is essential in order not to be left behind and to keep up with or ahead of the competition. It is an added value. It is the best way to define a good strategy and give priority to what is most important. It is knowing your objectives in detail and designing the most direct way to achieve them. Have you ever been caught unawares by a new development and not known how to adapt to it?

"The best way to sell something is not to sell anything

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