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Create your own corporate video with Occam Digital Agency

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What many brands ask themselves: video, what for? What few know: video is a potential weapon to increase brand visibility. There are many important reasons to create a corporate video for your business, and the first one that comes to mind is that it easily explains how a complex product or service works. Considering that YouTube views are skyrocketing and video is already part of marketing strategies, who wouldn't like to have a corporate video of their own? Well... We leave that question to you to think about

Well... We'll leave that question to you to think about, but now we're going to tell you that you can create your own corporate video on Occam. How? Why? Read on and let yourself be carried away.

why make a corporate video with Occam?

The saying goes that 'video is simple, that's why it's so complicated'. It's all the logic in the world. Simple things are what users love the most, the new and the unseen, because they arouse their emotions, make them feel unique and help them understand the message quickly.

Now, brands have all the means to create their own videos, regardless of size and sector. We tell you that we have created audiovisual pieces for large, medium and small companies. We tell you that from Occam, which continues to test new formats, such as 360-degree video (which will continue to increase its use throughout 2020). Our clients verify it to us, who make their customers live unique experiences through the audiovisual format.

Any brand that wants to engage its potential customer is going to have to think seriously about video as a way to communicate. That said, here's why you should do it:

  1. Itsets you apart from the rest. Your competition is also creating powerful content, but a short, direct video can be the pass to attraction.
  2. Increase your customers' trust: You will convey closeness and transparency, and the more your customers know about you, the more comfortable they will feel with you.
  3. Raise the level of understanding of your messages. Take the opportunity to tell them everything you need to communicate and in the way you want to communicate it.
  4. Itpositions you faster, especially if you integrate it as part of your marketing strategy. Create your video, upload it to your channel and optimise it. We can help you.
  5. Improve your conversion rate, either because you can explain things better, or because users are more attracted to audiovisual content.
  6. Highlight those differences that make you unique. Your corporate video can communicate your strengths, your values and what makes you different.

At Occam Agencia Digital we make videos for companies adapted to you and your context.

when to make a corporate video?

It is always good to have a quality video that serves your company to achieve one of its objectives: explaining a product, presenting the team... Endless possibilities.

If you have just launched a new service on the market and you don't really know how to communicate how it works, go ahead and make a video! Have you been looking for a long time to differentiate yourself from the competition? Would you like to improve your SEO? Sell more? Be remembered by your audience? Video, video and video.

But where can you find professionals to create it? Our recommendation is to look for digital agencies with extensive experience in the video marketing environment capable of adapting to your needs. Selecting the most suitable professional profile for your business is not an easy step, but take a look at these tips:

  • Make sure they are specialists in audiovisual production.
  • They should exude professionalism from every pore.
  • That they offer a wide variety of videos to meet your needs (corporate, header, motion graphics, tutorial, testimonial, filming, visuals, explanatory, cinemagraphs, 360...).
  • Make sure communication is fluid.

you want a corporate video, but not a typical one? We knew it.

Videos for companies: increasingly in demand

do you want to be a brand that keeps up with the times without losing sight of your philosophy? At Occam we help you achieve this. We get users to stay longer on your website, share your video on social networks and, therefore, improve your SEO positioning. You will be more credible, reach your target audience at a low cost and increase your conversion rates. We know it sounds like a lot, but video is being integrated into the marketing strategies of companies and the results are magnificent.

Marketers have realised that the written word is not enough, it is not even the only medium available to attract the user, although it is still a fundamental pillar, but a complete marketing strategy nowadays also includes other formats, such as video.

Facts about using video in your Inbound Marketing strategies

Investing your time and money in making quality videos is worth it, but who cares if your brand launches videos? Let's check what the data says about it. The uncertainty is there and we need to put an end to it.

  • Almost 100% of B2B brands use video in some of their marketing campaigns.
  • Using video on landing pages increases conversions by 86% (Wordstream)
  • Including video in a post increases organic search traffic by 157% (Search Engine People)
  • Video content is 50 times more likely to generate organic search results than plain text.(Omnicore)

This data proves that yes, users really care about the videos you put out. At Occam, we listen to your needs and bake them into a video to the point. Ready?

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