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List of pages similar to YouTube

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Some people call them sites that are on the heels of YouTube, but we prefer to say alternatives. And it's not that we have anything against this platform, quite the contrary, in fact, Occam Agencia Digital has its own video channel(click to gossip).

YouTube has a large storage capacity, it allows us to upload videos without space problems, its potential audience is huge, etc. But... It never hurts to know about other options. Every day brings you a new opportunity. And every page similar to YouTube, too.

Maybe you will never use them, or maybe you will, but you will be aware of their existence, advantages and ecosystem. And that, whether you want to or not, gives you an important competitive advantage. Who knows if one day you can start complementing them with YouTube. Or stop doing what everyone else is doing to differentiate yourself once and for all.

ready to meet them?

6 alternatives to YouTube

Today we are going to help you to be clear about the sites similar to YouTube that you have at your fingertips and that are gaining ground. They are not the new version, nor do they replace this platform, but they are part of the evolution of the audiovisual ecosystem on the Internet.

YouTube is the most famous of them all, the great pioneer of video platforms, with endless possibilities and themes, but it is not the only one.

Here is a checklist of sites similar to YouTube:

what is it? A social network where you, me and any other user can share videos. It came into the world in 2004 and was acquired by the company InterActiveCorp in 2006. Many call it the 'YouTube for professionals' because of the quality it offers when it comes to showing work. Filmmakers and music artists use it in their daily work.

how is itdifferent from YouTube? Despite the large number of users that Vimeo continues to add, it does not surpass YouTube in popularity - over 2 billion users compared to 170 million. The quality of the videos is higher on Vimeo, where there are no ads.

what is it? The place to talk about video and business. The platform allows users to upload good quality videos, create their own channels and generate advertising revenue through the sale of downloads. The channels are aimed at independent creators and producers on the one hand, and broadcasters and businesses on the other.

how isit different from YouTube? It is a video broadcasting site and is built on software as a service (SAAS), whereas YouTube has a wider coverage in the use of categories and leads in most countries of the world.

what is Dailymotion? A French-based site where users can upload, watch and share videos, ranging from TV shows and music videos to movie clips and videos on any subject. It supports different resolution levels, is available in 18 languages and plays around 3.5 billion videos every month.

how does itdiffer from YouTube? It offers its audiovisual content based on three pillars: users, independent creators and premium partners. The number of registered users is down to 112 million monthly visitors, according to Forbes magazine. Also, unlike YouTube, Dailymotion has not progressed with 3D videos.

  • MetaCafe

what is it? MetaCafe is a veteran video-sharing site, although it specialises in short-form entertainment, especially in thematic categories of TV, music, video games, sports, etc. How is it different from YouTube?

how is itdifferent from YouTube? Actually, the only similarity between the two platforms is that video is the king of content, but their functionalities, objectives and themes are very different.

what is it? Although it may not be the best alternative for uploading our videos, it is highly recommended for searching for them. This platform is used to watch films, programmes, series, etc. You don't even need to register and it is free for all users.

how isit different from YouTube? It is not an alternative for uploading our own videos as such, but, like YouTube, it also has ads. Pluto TV is available in Spain from the end of 2020.

what is it? An ideal platform to search for entertaining videos in any category, from gastronomy and history to video games and sports, as well as different formats of viral content (memes, GIFs, etc.).

how is itdifferent from YouTube? 9Gag does not present professional or elaborate content, such as tutorials, corporate or explainer videos.

Over time, other sites similar or alternative to YouTube have moved on to a second life, such as Revver, a video publishing platform that allowed you to build your own site, and Blip, a video sharing site.

can you think of another site similar to YouTube?

what should YouTube have for video marketing?

Video marketing is not important, it's essential. A brand that wants to launch its own video strategy needs to start by creating its own channel. What resources are available?

  • The camera- it's the most important element, it doesn't matter if you use a smartphone with sufficient quality or if you have a state-of-the-art camera. The end result will speak for itself.
  • Audio equipment and lighting- are you aware of these factors? Light, sound and atmosphere can make the difference between someone who decides to share your video and someone who abandons it after a few seconds.
  • Music- when is it appropriate, should you use it in your professional videos, and what style best suits your subject matter? YouTube also offers a free library of music to accompany your videos.

Although there are plenty of tools available to start working on your first videos, the best option will always be to rely on a professional team, with creative ideas and in motion, perhaps an audiovisual production agency that listens to you, understands your goals and implements the video marketing project of your dreams.

if your company needs a video, don't hesitate to ask for yours.

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