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Keys to defining good content for your social networks

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Defining good content on social networks is necessary for growth, although it is also necessary to have creativity and planning. Today we tell you the key points for your social networks to have the best content. Attention!

20 tips to follow to have good content on social networks

  1. plan your content: create content calendars to match your strategic content with events of public interest. Also, set clear objectives to define what you want to achieve, based on what concept you are going to elaborate it, make sure they are well aligned with the brand ..
  2. determine your audience for your campaigns. Good segmentation is paramount for each campaign.
  3. have a manual or style guide for communications, sothat you can define the tone, approach and language according to the brand personality .
  4. determine an action plan where you can detail the frequency of publication, the objectives of each publication, the type of content, the publication channels and the name of the person responsible .
  5. keep track of your content. Understanding the statistics of each social network and knowing the real metrics that matter is essential to measure reliable results .
  6. enrich your content: Use a combination of different formats in your content, not only text, but also interactive designs, audio, music... All these elements enrich your content and make it more attractive to capture attention .
  7. create current content: The more current your content is, the more relevant it will be for users .
  8. use examples. Share your previous success stories in different formats and platforms. Make sure you show that you are the best match and the best option with your work.

Claves para definir un buen contenido en tus redes sociales

  1. be consistent with your networks. Consistency is important, however, generating content for the sake of generating content is not the best course of action. In all cases the recommendation is to create content with clear objectives .
  2. check your content: Always make sure your writing is clear and check your spelling and proofread your text a couple of times before publishing any content .
  3. adapt to each platform: Knowing each platform is essential to know how to write your messages or in which formats to create them .
  4. be original: originality is also an essential part of content, but in this case it is not only about having the exclusivity of a topic, but rather the recommendation is to avoid repeating content for many platforms .
  5. use keywords: Quality content should always be your priority, but using keywords to optimise your content is fundamental to appear in search engines. Similarly, in the case of images, you can use ALT tags and descriptions .
  6. use hashtags: Use one or two #hashtags in the text content of your post that is a keyword in your subject area, and encourage a sense of participation and dialogue by asking interesting questions.
  7. create contests and sweepstakes. Create marketing actions based on themed contests or sweepstakes. You don't need to draw big prizes, use your own products or services or a sample of them. This is a good way to create engagement and at the same time increase the list of prospects for your database.
  8. show the human side of the brand. Social networks are an excellent way to show the human side, i.e. the people who make up your team, your values as a brand in your projects and your position in different circumstances.


  1. use a sense of humour. A sense of humour is almost always a good ally, although as in all things in life, abuse is not good. Some brands have taken this tendency to the extreme and have had a bad reaction from their public, so you must be careful with language, tone and the way you say things.
  2. optimise your titles. If you don't have a title that grabs people's attention immediately, there is little chance that your posts will have an impact on people. When you are writing the title of your content, don't just stop at describing what it is about. Think of crazy or enigmatic titles that create expectations in your readers and answer their questions.
  3. interact with users. One of the worst mistakes you can make is not responding to the interactions that are generated on your networks. In order for your number of likes and retweets to grow you must return the favour and react to the activity that is generated on your accounts. Nobody likes to be ignored, if you don't respond or comment on what users say to you, they will quickly stop paying attention to you .
  4. timing is everything - an important part of the success of content is the time you share it, as there are days and times of the week when people are much more active. It varies a little depending on the region you live in and the social network you are using, but in general it is thought that the most active days on Facebook are Thursdays between 9am and 11am, and on Twitter the peak time is Friday between 2pm and 3pm.

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