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Innovative ideas to implement in your inbound strategy

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Inbound marketing refers to the technique of attracting customers through useful, relevant and valuable content, which can be developed through social networks, blogs and/or search engines. The aim of inbound strategies is that the target audience visits the website, then becomes a qualified lead, then a customer and finally, a promoter of our brand. Today we are going to tell you some ideas to apply in your strategy and make all this a reality. Attention!

what are the three phases of inbound marketing?

Before we start with the ideas, it is very important that you know the phases of inbound marketing strategies.

  • Attract: This first phase has to do, as the name says, with attracting the attention of potential or current customers through relevant content that adds value to any of the inbound marketing stages they are in. For example, for customer service, this phase of the inbound strategy is to solve questions that arise in the process.
  • Interact: In this stage, inbound content is further consolidated, as the target audience takes the concrete action of interacting with us, downloading content, scheduling a product demonstration or writing us a chat requesting some kind of information. For this phase of inbound marketing you can make blog posts, ebooks, webinars, emails..
  • Delight: This consists of promoting an excellent experience in each of the interactions that your customers have with your company, so that they can then recommend you. For your inbound marketing strategies this phase is essential because depending on the experience you can create promoters or detractors. And finally, always remember to seek feedback, from customer service you can consult your users to take their opinions and use them to create successful inbound marketing strategies. For this inbound marketing funnel you can apply surveys, make discounts or special offers, contests and / or emails.

Ideas innovadoras para aplicar en tu estrategia inbound

Best ideas to apply in your inbound strategy

  • Use artificial intelligence (AI): Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in everyday life and inbound marketing is not exempt from this, so you should take it into account in your strategy to optimise the content experience through automation and the collection of data of interest.
  • Use interactive content. This trend changes the navigation within an inbound marketing blog, because beyond showing a post, it allows you to interact with it. This inbound tool is called interactive content and allows you to increase engagement, lead generation in your buyer persona, greater segmentation and of course, a unique user experience, because you will be showing a different option to your customer that they will surely love.
  • take advantage of influencer marketing: Influencers continue to contribute to the world of inbound marketing strategies in networks, as they are still in a channel where they can have greater reach, so collaborating with them can be an innovative and effective idea.
  • Personalise your content: To do this, we recommend you use a friendly language and talk to users on a one-to-one basis so that they feel identified and are organically moved to buy. Also, focus on your customer, their needs and preferences and continue to develop your inbound marketing ideas. The most important thing at this point is to carry out the segmentation in a suitable way to successfully focus your content.
  • Voice search positioning: Now that almost everything is automated, voice search is very useful for SEO positioning, so incorporate it into your strategy.
  • Bet on Mobile Inbound Marketing. All are advantages and positive points once we bet on adapting our website to mobile devices. Therefore, for our Inbound Marketing strategy, the 'responsive' version is a key step. The creation of mobile content is an unstoppable practice in marketing departments and professional agencies. Because apart from usability and proximity to the user, Google also gives an extra boost to websites that are compatible with mobile devices when a search is performed from a phone or smartphone.
  • Use Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging is another inbound marketing tool that helps to spread information of interest to both your users and potential users on other companies' blogs to which you can be invited. It is a trend in the sector that is consolidating its effectiveness and that will contribute above all to attracting organic traffic and potential customers, which helps to boost your company's authority and credibility. In addition, the content of our publications will become more visible and the links on other websites will improve our positioning in search engines.

Ideas innovadoras para aplicar en tu estrategia inbound

We hope these innovative ideas for inbound marketing strategies will help you to implement them in your business and don't forget to use WhatsApp messages to stay in touch with your customers in a close and personalised way. See you soon!

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