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Essential questions to include in your satisfaction survey

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The satisfaction survey is a fundamental way and a fundamental resource to analyse the feedback that exists with your customers. With this indicator you can obtain very valuable data about their overall perception of your products or services, the attention you provide and how well positioned your brand is compared to the competition.

what are customer satisfaction surveys really for?

Here are 5 key points to understand what customer satisfaction surveys are really for:

  • Reveal areas of opportunity. Customers are quite honest about what they are not satisfied with, so you will get very accurate feedback with which you can give optimal attention and communicate some specific recommendations to other areas, such as product design or sales.
  • They enhance the successes. You will quickly know which aspects are most pleasing to your customers, in order to establish a guide of good practices and replicate the successes in other projects.
  • Enrich your buyer personas: You will be able to add characteristics, needs and preferences in your representations of the ideal customer or your buyer personas. You may also detect new types of consumers, which will help you to create other types of new campaigns and increasingly accurate customer service models.
  • Differentiate your brand - because not all companies take the time to get consumer feedback or simply ignore suggestions, you will stand out from the competition.
  • Buildcustomer loyalty. When you let customers know that they are at the centre of your business, they will know that you listen to them and that you care about improving their experience, so they are more likely to become repeat customers and expand their satisfaction, either because they are happy from the start or because of a recommendation.

Preguntas imprescindibles a incluir en tu encuesta de satisfacción

how to do a customer satisfaction survey?

  • Establish your objectives and the phases you will study. Create specific goals that give meaning to the whole operation with SMART objectives to obtain real and measurable indicators. Otherwise, you will only obtain disconnected data that will not be relevant to improve your organisation.
  • Direct the survey towards a target audience. The more specific and delimited your survey is, the better indicators you will obtain, that is clear. Therefore, segment users based on this target audience, i.e. by age group, by preferences, by their level of recurrence, if they buy continuously or only once, etc. Select the best questions.
  • Select the best questions. Once you have clear objectives of what you are looking for with this tool and you have already defined your target audience, you can select the topics of your questions and formulate them. A survey with few questions is recommended out of respect for the customers' time and because this way you guarantee that they will answer everything, since if someone sees a large list of questions it is likely that they will not answer.
  • Define your communication channels and resources. Online surveys have advantages over other media, as you will receive the information directly and the customer will have all the time they need to respond. If your business has outlets, you can create quick exit surveys, although it is always better to have a database of your customers to send them a short survey via email.
  • Create follow-up processes: To get successful results you must establish a process to follow up and verify that the survey has been answered and that you got the indicators. With them you will be able to measure, analyse and interpret to know what to improve or replicate.

Preguntas imprescindibles a incluir en tu encuesta de satisfacción

what questions should you add to your satisfaction survey?

1. Regarding the use of the product:

  • how long have you been using the product?
  • what alternatives did you consider before buying the product?
  • how often do you use the product or service?
  • does the product help you achieve your goals?
  • what is your favourite tool or part of the product or service?
  • If you could, what would you improve?
  • what product features do you find most valuable?
  • which product feature do you use most frequently in your daily life?
  • what sticking points have you encountered when using the product?
  • If there was a new feature you could suggest, what would it be and why?

2. Regarding your company's website, the most necessary questions to add are:

  • is it easy to navigate?
  • are download times fast?

3. Regarding the performance of the online shop during the shopping process you should ask:

  • are the items easy to find?
  • are the descriptions detailed?

4. Regarding the after-sales stage and your satisfaction with it, you can include these questions:

  • does it deliver what it promises in the description?
  • is it really useful?

5. Finally, determine the key points of loyalty by studying repeat customers:

  • what are the aspects they are most satisfied with?
  • would they recommend the product or service to others?
  • do they consider the customer service to be adequate?

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