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Take care of your relationship with your clients

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how are you doing in terms of sales opportunities in your company? Surely you know how important they are, but you feel that something is wrong. Are you not connecting with them? Do you not fit in at first? How are you treating them? How do you offer them content? How did they get to you? In the middle of this mare magnum of questions we want to tell you why taking care of the relationship with your customers can be brutal.

Customer care in Inbound Marketing

The secret of good results with your customers is not to be found in any labyrinthine spiral, so take good note of what we are going to tell you.

In companies, there comes a time when we must stop and think, especially when we are halfway through an Inbound Marketing strategy. Its objective is not only focused on getting end customers, it also focuses on offering them valuable information, educating them, keeping them satisfied, paying attention to them... And in short, everything that is to take care of them.

They are the gold of any business. From the moment they open your blog, they go through the door of awareness to arm themselves with knowledge. They become registrations that, probably, will never become final customers, but they like to be aware of your news. Maybe, your products and services do not fit with what they are looking for, but they could do it in other circumstances.

They have their reasons for coming to you, and you have yours for keeping them with you.

what happens if you neglect your sales opportunities?

If you have already defined your target audience, it's time to go for it. Attracting leads is a task that requires effort and dedication, and for that reason alone you should already be thinking about how to take care of them so they don't slip away. Many brands make the mistake of not making a call, not sending an email, and completely ignoring those people who have shown an interest in them. What good is the strategy if we ignore the symptoms of its fruits?

Think about it..

Sales opportunities and customers need nurturing throughout the entire process. Not even when they have completed their purchase should you forget about them. Rather, this is where your long-term relationship begins. You have interacted, you have clicked, and you have exchanged a lot of information with each other. Think for a moment about all the people you know, if after your first contact you had stopped talking to each other, how many friends would you have?

The same happens when you neglect your sales opportunities. They will forget about your brand and move on to a plan B. And worst of all, they won't even recommend your company to other users, they won't have a positive view, and they won't come back to look for you.

We all like to feel heard.

Take care even of those who didn't become customers

Just because they are not a customer doesn't mean you should ignore them. On the contrary, you never know when they might become a qualified lead, and they don't know if they will ever need you. Or maybe they can recommend your products and services to someone else. You don't know.

What Inbound does in this context is to keep records informed and address each and every stage that may arise, starting from the moment someone had a need and made the first contact with us, until the day they say 'bye'.

Why do you think Amazon stands out in its relationship with customers?

A couple of months ago we talked about how Amazon used its Inbound Marketing strategy, do you remember it? Let's remember it by clicking on this link.

The e-commerce giant has been growing like crazy, something that we have to thank to its relationship with customers. The attention and communication with them are the key to its success. As Adam Sedo, Amazon's spokesman in Spain, says: "The secret is very simple and very easy to do, basically it is to focus on the customer and think about them in the communication strategy".

Build your loyalty ladder

how are you doing in your relationship with your customers? Inbound Marketing is on the lips of many companies. And that, despite being a younger strategy than traditional ones, it is the one that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years. When your leads become customers, it is timeto make them customers in the future as well. They can become regular customers, loyal to the brand, who are always willing to repeat their purchase experience .

So, energise them and take them to the next level.

When the time comes, what does it cost you to give them a touch?

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