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The importance of blogging in the IT sector

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what is blogging, what is its role in Inbound Marketing and how does it help technology companies in the conversion process?

Day by day, many new concepts and practices are being introduced in companies. Marketing is a very broad field that includes an infinite number of different activities and techniques. In its exercise, new practices are emerging that adapt to the changing reality of the market. With the aim of offering a service that best satisfies customers, marketing includes different methods to identify the needs and desires of these. At this point, Inbound Marketing takes special relevance, two concepts united to give rise to attraction marketing. It consists of a series of marketing techniques designed to attract potential customers and offer them information of their interest through various media, such as blogs.

do you know what blogging is?

Many companies in the IT sector may still be unfamiliar with the concept of blogging, but they have a perfect opportunity to find out what blogging is all about and how it can help them develop their business.

Perhaps you have thought about blogging at some point. You may even already have one. However, are you making the most of it? At the time, the arrival of blogs was a revolution on the Internet. Everyone wanted to have one, but very few were really aware of its possibilities. Its creation was not too mysterious, because with three or four clicks you could have your own blog. Companies have increasingly taken it into account, so much so that, nowadays, it is one of the most used formats at a corporate level to attract public and become a reference.

In this way, talking about blogging implies talking about a weblog, about the very action of creating a blog, of publishing content on it. Companies use it professionally, but it is important for the IT sector to bear in mind the following: blogging does not only mean writing for a blog, but it also includes knowledge about tools and strategies that allow it to be more visible.

what role does blogging play in the Inbound Marketing of technology companies?

The importance of a blog in an Inbound Marketing strategy is currently undeniable. The Inbound methodology is based on a valuable asset: content. Its production must be focused on a target and towards a buyer persona. However, what is the point of producing quality content if we do not give it the dissemination it deserves? Companies spend much of their time writing it and sometimes forget the importance of its dissemination. Well, at this point we must remember that if we do not publicise our content, its production will be a real waste of time.

The generation of qualified traffic is one of the keys within the Inbound Marketing strategy, and blogs play a key role in it. Why?

Because they have an essential objective: to awaken and attract the attention of potential customers through content. However, blogs also allow them to empathise with the activity and knowledge of the company. Their implementation has been decisive in the IT sector, so much so that, according to the HubSpot platform, "companies that have a blog get more traffic than those that do not have one:

  • Companies with a blog get 55% more visitors to their website.
  • B2C (Business-to-Consumer) companies with blogs get 88% more leads per month.
  • B2B (Business-to-Business) companies with blogs get 67% more leads per month.

Benefits of blogging in the IT sector

Its importance, moreover, lies not only in general results such as those just mentioned, but also in the fact that, thanks to the use of blogs, companies in the IT sector achieve specific benefits for their activity, such as:

  • Rising positions in search engines, which allows potential customers who need or are looking for their product or service to find them.
  • It helps to build trust with users, especially if they maintain order, organisation and constant publication of content on the blog.
  • By publishing content on blogs, IT companies have a voice in the marketplace to share knowledge.
  • It is an opportunity to solve uncertainties and problems, as well as to meet the needs of your potential customers.
  • It allows the possibility to place calls to action (CTAs) and to get sales opportunities.
  • It can become the main axis of communication between companies in the IT sector and potential customers, as it can be used to share content on social networks, emails, include videos, images, etc.
  • It manages to attract organic traffic so that your potential customers become familiar with technology companies.
  • The analysis of metrics in blogs allows you to measure and check which articles work best, the number of visits they have, etc.

Elements that generate traffic on a blog

Blogs have thus become a perfect showcase to present your company's content. A place where your potential customers will want to go, where every element counts. The characteristics that blogs in IT companies need to have in order to generate traffic are:

  • Clear and attractive title and first paragraph: these are the two points where the content must convince the user to continue reading, but without forgetting that you are not trying to push but to attract naturally.
  • Social media: social media sharing buttons are a good way to get your potential customers to share your content and follow you. However, social media also includes other techniques to make your content viral, for example: highlighted phrases that readers want to share on their networks.
  • Images: Using attractive images to complement your blog content increases the number of shares and likes, as well as improving the understanding of the content.
  • Calls to action. From the first moment you create the blog in your technology company, you must be very clear about the role that calls to action will play. Remember that a CTA can be a button, an image or a link that directs users to a landing page and obtain the content offered, all depending on the stage in which it is.

An increasing number of companies in the IT sector are opting for the creation of blogs and the production and publication of content on them. The benefits obtained are a reality, and their implementation is the perfect opportunity to publicise your company. Are you ready to get started?

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