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Tips to optimise your lead generation campaign

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Lead generation is based on expanding the database of a brand with the contacts of people or companies potentially interested in its products and services. We call lead to each of these contacts, ie, people or companies that have shown interest in the offer of a brand and have demonstrated this interest by leaving their data.

Lead generation is a key step in the inbound marketing process, as it allows us to convert target customers into valuable contacts for the brand, which we can then direct along the conversion funnel until they become customers.

what is the usual lead generation process?

The lead generation process starts by attracting visitors to the brand's website, and this traffic is usually directed to the landing page, which is designed to acquire new contacts.

The landing page will include a brief description of the benefits of the content offered, focusing on what it can bring to the user and not on its technical features. Here you can also add a form that the user must fill in with their data, so that the target customer is incorporated into the database and becomes a lead.

Consejos para optimizar tu campaña de generación de leads

which channels are the best for lead generation?

  • Email marketing: Email can be suitable for both first time users and for maintaining contact with them, and segmentation is essential for this tool to be successful.
  • SEM: Search engine ads, such as Google Ads, are a very suitable channel for lead generation, as they allow us to target our actions according to the terms searched for by users.
  • Display campaigns: Although banners have a reputation for being intrusive, if used intelligently they can be a good way to capture the attention of the target audience and encourage them to leave us their details.
  • Social media advertising: Some social networks, such as Facebook, even have ads specially designed to capture leads without the need for users to leave the social network. It is also possible to use social networks organically to generate quality traffic to your website.
  • Content marketing: Branded content (e.g. blog articles) is a good place to introduce lead generation campaigns.
  • Video advertising. Thanks to the possibility of adding banners within a video, we can incorporate lead generation within our audiovisual content.

Consejos para optimizar tu campaña de generación de leads

Top tips for generating leads in your campaigns

  1. Analyse your potential customer. There are many tools that can help you find data on your potential customers and their behaviour patterns.
  2. Produce quality content. Content serves to attract quality traffic to your website or blog and attracts users and convinces them to leave their details in exchange for ebooks, guides, reports and other downloadable items.
  3. Analyse your distribution strategy: not only do you need to produce quality content, but you also need to make sure it reaches users. Think about how you can use SEO and SEM tools to multiply quality traffic.
  4. Optimise your forms- forms are the means by which a visitor becomes a lead, so they are a critical point of contact. Make sure they are adapted to different devices, try to have as few fields as possible and try different calls to action.
  5. Don't forget the middle ofthe funnel. MOFU, for middle of the funnel, is what we call the second stage of the conversion funnel. It is in this part of the funnel that you should offer extensive and enriching content in order to obtain more personal information in return. Also, at this stage, the vast majority of users begin to take you into consideration when looking for an option to meet their needs. It is here where you must be clear about the needs of the buyer persona in order to accompany them throughout the funnel and prepare them for the final sale.
  6. Offer simple and personalised experiences. Connect with your audience through valuable and relevant messages, adapted to their context and the point of their journey. Place your ads strategically, to boost the effectiveness of your campaigns and obtain more qualified leads.
  7. Track results: In any marketing strategy, measurement is essential. Take the time to establish what your key metrics or KPIs are and set up regular check-ins to see how they are performing and how you can improve.

We hope that now that you know what a lead is, how they are generated, which are the best channels to get them and a few tips to get the most out of your strategies, you will improve your customer traffic and grow your business.

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