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How to create a good advertising campaign

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An advertising campaign is a communication strategy that serves to disseminate a brand's product or service to its target market, with the aim of fixing it in the minds of potential consumers. Today we tell you about its elements, the types that exist and how to create a good advertising campaign. Stay tuned!

what are the elements of an advertising campaign?

  • The product or service: The design effort and tasks have to revolve around the promotion of the product or service you are interested in bringing to the market.
  • The brief: A brief is a document that is put together with valuable information and that will be the basis of consultation for the development of the advertising campaign; it will record aspects such as: the target audience, the purpose, the definition of the value proposition of the product or service to be advertised, the market study, the duration of the campaign and its stages, the available budget and how it will be managed, the pieces to be created and the media that will be implemented to communicate the message and the responsible areas involved (creativity, design, writing, production, etc.) The idea is that anyone working on the process can have access to the brief to know the steps to be followed.
  • The medium: The third element of an advertising campaign is the medium through which the message is transmitted. Although there are many advertising and communication platforms, we can group them into:

-Traditional media: television, radio, newspapers, urban advertisements, posters, flyers, etc.

-Digital media: social networks, blogs, advertisements, videos, audios, online images, etc.

  • The message: The message is what defines what it is that you want to communicate or convey in your advertising campaign; it is the element that allows you to establish the design, language and audience of the strategy.
  • The audience: There is no advertising campaign that is not aimed at an audience. The term "advertising" refers to making something public, so it is impossible to think of a strategy of this type that is not aimed at a specific or delimited group of people.


what types of advertising campaigns are there?

  1. institutional advertising campaign: This type of action makes it possible for the company to become known, i.e. it aims to make a brand known or to inform the majority of customers about a new product. In this way, a brand is offered, not a product .
  2. social Campaign: This advertising campaign aims to be the basis for new beliefs or cultures, and can even be a source of inspiration for important changes in society.
  3. governmental Campaign: Aims to change or enhance the image of a government, mainly to gain the support of citizens and encourage them to vote in the next elections.
  4. electoral campaign: In the electoral period, it is common for candidates for public office and their supporters to campaign for votes. This is an action whose main objective is to present the qualities of each candidate and the advantages of supporting them to achieve the desired political office .
  5. brand, product or service launch campaign: This is one of the main marketing strategies of companies and usually produces good results .
  6. reactivation campaign: This is a rather complex type of campaign, as it requires the investment of resources and a lot of attention from the advertising team.

how to achieve a good advertising campaign?

  • Define objectives: It is important to define at the beginning the objectives for which you are initiating communication with your target audience. These should be clear, achievable and measurable.
  • Define the target audience. Knowing the audience you hope to reach is fundamental to know the tone and the best content of the message. To locate the target audience it is necessary to apply market research, use detection tools and understand which are the best means of communication.
  • Plan: You must have a good strategy, coherent arguments, know the time of release, the period of presentation, etc. Likewise, after making the campaign plan, it must be analysed and approved by the client.
  • Creation of the briefing: This document must contain information about the product, target consumer public, brand positioning, geography, distribution and logistics, periodicity, promotional activities in view and approved budget.
  • Remember tobe persuasive - advertising is based on the principle of convincing audiences to buy a product or remain loyal to a company.
  • Keep an eye on the competition. Advertising campaigns should avoid repeating formulas generated by competitors, as this does not give a good image and makes the strategy obsolete. Advertising is a constant competition between commercial opponents who must take advantage of each other's strengths and weaknesses.


Finally, don't forget that advertising campaigns must be targeted and designed to respond to the tastes, needs and demands of a specific audience. Let's get to work!

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