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how to capture users' attention in 10 seconds?

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If you've heard of video marketing before, now might be the time to start taking advantage of it. It's getting harder and harder to attract and engage new customers. We understand this all too well, as we are surrounded by a huge amount of offers, information, mobile devices and brands launching their products and services and promoting them online. Can you leverage this into customer engagement strategies?

We have a long list of options to choose from. And many of them may fit your needs, but you can't have them all. In the end, you will choose the brand that touches you inside. The one that touches your emotions and no other.

how is it possible to do it in 10 seconds?

Strategy to attract customers in a matter of seconds

how? With video. Because there is nothing like using image, sound and movement to attract the attention of internet users and communicate that you are here to help them. Or better yet, how you are going to do it.

We are human beings. We are natural, visual and emotional. We are impacted by, magnified by, and moved by what we perceive through our eyes and straight to our hearts.

Capturing the attention of users is a goal that excites every company, but what are they doing to achieve it? In 6 characteristics:

  • Start with a story. Every company has a story. Tell your story. Your values. Your ideal customer.
  • Present your products, explain how they are used to get the most out of them, their benefits, your company's projects.
  • And facilitate the buying process by providing the information the customer needs to know before they act. Or tell them what happens after they have made the purchase.
  • But real interviews. Professional interviews about your sector. Or with customers.
  • Motivation. Start with a motivational phrase. 10 seconds and a single target. The right place.
  • Use the art of music in each of your pieces.

We may be going through the short video success stage. So keep that in mind as well. Consumers have little time to watch videos to the end. Don't entertain them....

how do you make sure your video is going to be effective with your customers?

It would be great if every time you present one of your services in a video, your clients, or future clients, would respond with "that's just what I was looking for". But don't worry. You can give them what they need right then and there and stop asking questions. You can make sure that what you are giving them is ideal right now. Start with:

  • Know your audience. Because then you'll be able to create and deliver a story that excites and impacts them.
  • Get to know your potential customers' objectives in depth - these are valuable clues to your call to action and what and how to present your video.
  • If you already know what message your client wants to convey to their audience, you can translate it and play with that advantage.
  • Know your brand in depth, its roots, and use this information to create a real and powerful story through video.

Keeping these things in mind will allow you to create a highly personalised proposition that will make your customers feel 'at home'.

Quick conclusion about video and user engagement

Video is 50 times more likely to rank your business in search engines than text. Did you know that? And although many brands are still wondering whether users prefer text or video, the data shows that they have already opted for the latter. Remember: you only need 10 seconds. Start your strategy to attract customers.


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