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how can the BackOffice change the life of companies?

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The world we live in is immersing itself in digital transformation, there is no doubt about that. Things are changing. Business models are moving towards an integrated structure, with fluid communication and document management characterised by intelligent software that provides speed and replaces paper.

This transformation has reached the back office of companies, i.e. "the set of business support activities: the part of the company, or unit of the company, that carries out the tasks of managing the company that do not have direct contact with the customer, such as IT and communications, human resources management, accounting or finance".

Your way of managing the company can change from here. Shall we start?

9 things the BackOffice transformation can do for your company

It is the internal part of the company, and, as such, it must manage all the processes that are carried out in the different departments or areas (marketing and sales, administration, accounting, systems, operations, communication, human resources (HR), etc.). Systems to change the BackOffice are improving the management of companies for several reasons:

  • They safeguard information. You know that it is the main asset of most companies and how important it is to protect it from possible security breaches or information leaks. The RGPD is going to be grateful, and so is your company.
  • Quick access to documents, being able to share them with other departments outside your own, finding a specific piece of paper almost automatically, greater agility and speed, reduction in the use of physical paper, lower operating and transactional costs, greater productivity, goodbye to misinformation and document clutter, improved corporate image, easy access and exchange of documents, etc.
  • Improve processes, as there is appropriate technology developed specifically to be applied in the BackOffice of companies.
  • Improve the customer experience. It is one of the main pillars of companies, and, as such, their experience is very important. Whether they repeat business with you will depend on their degree of satisfaction with the business services offered by your brand.
  • Standardisation of the entire company: we are not only talking about optimised processes, but also about having a common working system and service model.
  • Improved access channels. The digital transformation of the BackOffice can establish an adapted solution with different access and communication channels, such as: email, chats and chatbots, telephone, etc.
  • More collaborative processes, facilitating contact between work groups or teams, so that group work and its results are enhanced.
  • Increased ROI or Return on Investment. The better your business activity is developed, the better the ROI will be. There is no doubt about it.
  • Increased visibility of performance. This is an ideal opportunity to show business value, as staff can have a real-time view of the operations taking place within the business.

Thanks to the digital transformation of the BackOffice, companies are not only achieving these benefits, but they are also driving better financial results.

Changing the BackOffice: a 180-degree turnaround

Some companies have already done it. We talk about doing a 180-degree turn because digital transformation implies a profound change. From the inside out. And although, traditionally, it has been seen as a process of change associated with customers and personalised experiences, sometimes there are some errors in the ability of companies to meet the needs of consumers. How can we solve it? By transforming operational processes. The so-called BackOffice.

shall we change?

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