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how much does it cost to create a website?

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If your company still doesn't have an online presence, an online showcase to present your products and services, or you simply haven't updated your image for a long time, maybe it's time to create your website.

At Occam Agencia Digital we will take care of the whole process: we will prepare a briefing document, show you 3 design proposals, build your website, check that everything is working properly and upload your website to the internet.

do you need a new website to interact with your customers, a portal to align employee workflows, an application to automate processes, do you want to know how much it costs to create a website and its maintenance?

stay, you're in the right place!

What our web development services include: cost and maintenance

We are a young and dynamic company. Our development, programming and design team are experts in creating the perfect solution for your company, tailored to your circumstances and needs. The web development services we offer at Occam include:

  1. A totally free domain name.
  2. A Keywords study to help your website rank better.
  3. We will make a customised design of the home page, so that you can get an idea of how it will look as a showcase for your business, and 2 internal page designs, so that you can visualise how it will look when it is delivered.
  4. We will layout your home page, as well as 9 other internal pages, with sections such as 'services', 'about us', 'contact', 'blog'... In order to make your website complete.
  5. We will do a quality control of the web functions.
  6. We will create a responsive multi-device design.
  7. We will add contact forms.
  8. We will include a direct call button for those who can reach you from their phone.
  9. We will leave your blog ready for you to upload your content.
  10. It will be a platform easy to manage by yourself.
  11. With a modular design so you can easily add new features in the future.
  12. Don't despair, there will be a face to face session with our Project manager so you can learn how to use and manage your new website.
  13. We will register you in search engines.
  14. You will enjoy free hosting on the server for 2 years.
  15. You will have a free HubSpot CRM account to control user navigation.

The web development package is priced at 1395€ in 3 instalments of 465 + VAT. Do you want more information about our web development packages? Do you need to know how much it costs to create a website and its maintenance?

Give us a call.

Considering the post COVID-19 era

Now that we live in uncertain and somewhat complicated times, we have immersed ourselves in a new normality that requires different functionalities to adapt to the user's buying habits.

For this reason, at Occam we add a free online booking manager to your website for your business. You know, you have to keep your distance. The customer will make an appointment on the day and at the time you have available in your calendar and you will receive a notification with the request.

if you are too busy, you can attend all your appointments through your website and get off the phone.

let yourself be seen!

No matter how much effort you put into your business, if you don't have a web space where you can showcase all the products and services you offer, users won't notice it on their own. Create your website, let it serve as your business card or virtual showcase and let your potential customers land from anywhere. Relax, at Occam we accompany you through the whole process, with personalised advice and a person at your disposal.

In this day and age, having a website gives us credibility with potential customers and helps us to be more visible in search engines, hence the importance of building a structure where the content is relevant.

Forget all those doubts you had and enjoy the process of building your website. Creating a website and its maintenance has its costs, but it is much more expensive to maintain a site that is not updated or simply not having this space.

where can you find us? A little further south of Madrid, in Fuenlabrada.

Advantages of creating a website for my company

By now, we all know that having your own website has its advantages. See for yourself:

  • It increases the visibility of your business.
    • It increases conversion and the level of closing sales.
  • The information about products and services is much more complete.
    • Improves brand image. Companies that do not have a website give an old image that detracts from their credibility.
    • It allows your customers to see you as you want them to see you.
    • It gives your customers a more comfortable and personal treatment.
    • Itpositions you in the market. Internet is the present and the future.
    • Your business is open 24 hours a day, all year round, which is the great virtue of the Internet.
    • It allows direct contact with your customers to know their needs and preferences.
  • It reduces costs and helps us to generate profits.
  • You can have a blog or news section to keep your customers informed of the latest news.

At this point, we hope that this article has resolved your doubts and, above all, that it will help you to make the definitive leap to the Internet.

we are waiting for you!

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