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Animated GIFs: The trendy format on Social Networks

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We are sure that almost everyone who is in contact with new technologies and the Internet nowadays knows what a GIF is. However, in case it is not entirely clear, we will tell you the definition of this term:

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a digital image format used to create short animations that are played in a loop. The GIF is popular thanks to Tumblr, the social network where users dedicate entire blogs to the publication of these animated images.

Although Tumblr was the Social Network that made GIFs known, this format was so successful and well received that practically all the Social Networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN... have already incorporated them for users to use and enjoy.

And there is something about GIFs that is striking. Although they have no sound, they make an impressive noise on their own. On the Internet, users love to use them as reactions, usually with a tone of humour, irony or sarcasm. A good animated GIF is able to capture enough in a few seconds of a specific moment to reflect an emotion or feeling with which the user feels identified.

In addition to being used as reactions, GIFs are also being used as a form of digital marketing by companies on their websites and social media to attract the attention of users and thus obtain more visitors and followers. It is a format that is not only attractive, but also very economical and allows easy insertion and dissemination.

When creating animated GIFs, it is important to start with good ideas and ingenious designs so that the public likes them and they stick in their memory. The aim of this resource is that it is associated with the aesthetics of what we want to sell or show, but it must also stand out and leave a mark so that it works and is successful.

At Occam Digital Agency we create custom animated GIFs to give your website and Social Networks a touch of dynamism, creativity and entertainment. Tell us your idea and we will make it a reality.


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