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what is a newsletter for in the IT sector?

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Intention is decisive for each of the actions we carry out throughout our lives. This is also true for newsletters, as it is the key factor that differentiates one from another. They play an essential role in companies in the IT sector, and no wonder: they allow us to create customer loyalty strategies, the point at which our relationship with them begins.

what is a newsletter?

When we refer to this term, we may link it to the following concepts: mailing and email-marketing. However, they do not mean the same thing. A newsletter is a periodic publication distributed through a mailing list. You may ask: Is that all? Of course not. They can have different approaches and objectives, depending on what we are looking for and the goals we have set. Thus, we can talk about: commercial newsletters, the most used by companies and, as its name suggests, have a clear commercial intention; transactional newsletters, they involve talking about buying and selling, although in the case of mailing we must take into account that email marketing is not only used to sell more, but also to build loyalty and interact with customers; newsletter style, we could say that it is the simplest type, because with it we do not have a clear intention to obtain benefits.

In the IT sector, what are the differences between newsletter, mailing and email marketing?

In general, social networks and blogs have gained presence on the internet in recent years and, although it is true that the results have shown that they are two magnificent tools for brands, it is true that newsletters are a very effective communication channel. This will depend, however, on the quality of our database. At the end of the day, the contacts that make up this database will be the recipients of our newsletter.

email marketing newsletter sector it

We have just read an exact definition of what a newsletter is. In the first lines of this post, we mentioned the possibility of relating it to mailing and email-marketing. It is not a far-fetched action, as all three have something in common: email, that is, the place where they manifest themselves.

Many companies use mailing as part of their digital marketing strategies to send emails to their customers. We can say that it is a form of advertising normally used to promote products and services. Newsletters, however, distribute publications periodically through a mailing list. Email-marketing, meanwhile, combines the above techniques in order to connect directly with users and help increase sales and opportunities in technology companies. Sending emails should seek to offer value or interest.

what are the advantages of a newsletter in the IT sector?

Newsletters are an effective way of communicating with our customers in the IT sector. With the right use of newsletters, technology companies can develop their business with a number of advantages:

  1. Companies in the IT sector ensure that the audience that receives the newsletter is really interested in its content. Why? For one simple reason: they have chosen to receive it.
  2. Thanks to newsletters, technology companies ensure that subscribers are kept informed of the latest industry news.
  3. Indirect influence on customers.
  4. Newsletters generate traffic to your website because they increase the chances of getting more visitors to your website.
  5. They are a perfect channel for companies in the IT sector to build customer loyalty, thanks to the regular good treatment they receive with special offers, gifts, latest news, etc. It is a kind of "reward" for customer loyalty.
  6. If you plan a good strategy, newsletters in the IT sector can become the best channel for generating sales.

Thanks to the use of newsletters, technology companies that already use them have experienced significant levels of customer loyalty. Making a sale is not the end of the process, but the beginning of the relationship. Therefore, it is necessary to know what our customers need. We can offer it to them.

why make a newsletter for the IT sector?

The advantages we have just mentioned can become the best weapon to build loyalty and get promoters in technology companies. However, they can be useful for many other things, for example:

  • They increase the chances of conversion even more than a social media post. Today, more than one billion users use the Gmail email service, and companies know that, which is why email has become a safe and effective way to reach our customers.
  • Newsletters are an ideal tool to effectively build customer loyalty, offering them something better, something of interest, something of value over and above the competition.
  • Thanks to them, companies can send promotions to those customers who have placed their trust in their service.
  • They can be segmented and, therefore, personalised, so that customers receive a tailored treatment and conversions increase. Any company in the IT sector can send personalised newsletters, as this is one of the best options. Including the author's name can generate a relationship of trust with the customer.
  • Quality database: There is no doubt that social networks are an important way to gain followers and make our content known, but newsletters help companies to generate a database with real and interested contacts.

In conclusion, if we had to establish a reflection for our technology company's customers, it would be the following: Love them, take care of them, and they will love you!

But, above all, let's not forget that making a sale is not the end of the process, but the beginning of the relationship.

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