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Email marketing strategy: welcome message

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Increasingly users are gaining voice and companies are directing all their strategies to please customers and give them what they want, satisfying the needs of customers has become the strategy of any company that wants to succeed. One of the most important points to keep them happy is communication with them, it is very important to be humanised so that users see the brand close, if you do not have any kind of communication with the customer, they will not feel that closeness.

One of the marketing strategies par excellence that meets these requirements is the welcome email, it ensures that closeness from the first moment which adds a supplement to give a good impression from the beginning.

what is a welcome email?

This is the first contact of your brand with your potential customer, once they register or subscribe to your newsletter, they receive the first email that will establish a first contact between the two, which has to be very well thought out in terms of content because it has to make the user more curious about your brand, to surprise them or to make them want to consume your products or services.

Now that you know what a welcome email is, we will tell you why it is important for new users. First of all, the numbers do not lie, and according to statistics, this type of email has an open rate of 50%, which is really high compared to other types of emails. Not only serve to give a good impression of the brand and have a friendly first contact, the high percentage of benefits generated towards our brand are the main reason to send this type of email. Returning to the statistics, those subscribers who have received the welcome email, tend to interact with the brand 33% more than those who do not receive the welcome email.

All this in addition to being able to awaken in the user a need such as buying a product or encourage them to complete their profile or visit certain content on the website.

8 tips to create your welcome email

1. Be careful when you send it

You have to be quick when sending this type of email, if the user has just subscribed to our newsletter, it is the ideal time to send it because they will still be online and it is very likely that if they have just subscribed to our newsletter, they are inquiring more about our brand, they will be curious to know more about us and that email is the one that can clear their doubts or even encourage them to buy a product, a good idea is that this email is generated automatically without having to be aware of when users subscribe so as not to miss an opportunity.

2. Personalise

We return to the same as before, the most important in any strategy are the users because they are your potential customers, and not just send them an email, they have to feel that you are sending it directly to them and that you are not sending everyone the same thing. How to achieve this? In such a simple way as adding the user's name in the email. This makes the message is not as cold as if you send exactly the same message to everyone. To understand the importance of this better, we will see in data, using the user's name in the title or body of the message increases the open rate of the email by 20%, which is a great impact on your business.

3. Play with colours

With the most basic digital branding you can attract a large number of users or, if you don't choose the right colours, you can make them lose interest or never look at your company. The colours of your website and your logo are the first thing the user will see, it is the first impression they will have about you, so you have to take all the details into account, the colours are what will reflect your brand and what it conveys to users, so although there is much more behind, the first impression is very important to take care of it because it can determine a loss of potential customers.

4. Less is more

A very common mistake is to want to add in the welcome message all the values of the brand, tell the "who we are", "where we come from", etc. And try to capture the attention of the subscriber with dozens of calls to action, proposals to complete the profile, to buy X product, etc. This can saturate the user and get that a welcome email to make a good impression becomes something more like a desperate attempt to get new customers. You have to take care of the content and add only those necessary details.

5. Keep your promises

If, for example, the user subscribed because they read a promise to get a discount code when they subscribe, you can't break it, this would damage the user's trust. And rewarding them with what you promised can encourage them to continue interacting or choosing your brand.

6. Increase interaction and sales

This is achieved by using the corresponding calls to action, these will convert your users into customers at breakneck speed, if your buttons are placed in strategic places and are attractive, selling will be a piece of cake.

7. Content

The first thing your email has to contain is a welcome sentence, in which you thank the customer for the interest shown towards your brand, I feel a clear and concise message in which there is a thank you. After this, very briefly you have to tell briefly the three main questions: "who I am", "what I do" and "why I am different".

8. Offers

A good way to attract the user is to offer them either a discount or an offer they can't refuse, so you can either get them to subscribe or attract them with an offer within the email itself.

You can send your welcome message in any way you choose, that is, a text message is the most common way, but you can innovate with, for example, an introductory video. So join this initiative that is becoming more and more fashionable, there are still few companies that do it, so send your welcome message and differentiate yourself from those who have not yet begun to use this technique.

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