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Discover HubSpot CMS vs CMS free

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We're sure you've heard of this tool. HubSpot is much more than a company. Since its founding in 2006, by Brian Halligan and Dharmes Shah, it has been driving brands to evolve new ways of selling and engaging potential audiences.

These professionals realised that the way people shop was changing dramatically and that consumers no longer wanted to be interrupted with intrusive techniques (call bombing, TV and radio ads, billboards, etc.).

The advent of the internet was opening up new channels of communication to consult offers and compare products. Users were no longer basing their purchasing decisions solely on what companies were telling them, but were visiting forums and opinions of other users via the internet. In short, they realised that the scenario in which brands had to work on their growth was online, right where people were moving in search of information.

And it is from that moment when the Inbound Marketing methodology was born and HubSpot became the ideal software to put it into practice.

That said..

what is HubSpot CMS and how is it different from other content management systems? At Occam, we are committed to the Inbound methodology and we want to help you implement it with HubSpot.

HubSpot CMS: concept and features

Content Management System (CMS) is the name by which content management systems are known. Not so long ago, the process of creating a website could be quite complex. Updating the content was an increasingly laborious task as the number of pages, structure and content increased. In short, a tool was needed to make it easier to create a website and to manage and maintain it in an integrated environment. Thus, the CMS was born.

Creating a website that will delight your customers without worrying about management is possible thanks to HubSpot's CMS. It has all the tools and features you need to create and optimise your website. Want to know why it's unique? Take note:

  • Allows you to use attribution reports to analyse the impact of your website.
  • Drag-and-drop editors to create and publish pages without custom code - you won't even need the help of a developer.
  • Unified experience with custom themes for your users.
  • Protect your website with easy to use and implement security systems.
  • You will be able to edit content effortlessly, spending time on tasks that are really productive for the company.
  • In different languages. Create and test content in multiple languages, with easy management of domains and optimisation for SEO positioning. The user can choose the language he/she prefers.
  • Intelligent content and conversational bots that will allow you to increase traffic and convert visitors into leads.
  • SEO recommendations that will help you to improve your positioning.
  • All the free CRM features to track visitor experience.
  • HubSpot will monitor yourpage variants to choose the one that performs the best.

But that's just the beginning - your website can be as powerful as you dream, and at Occam Digital Agency we have everything you need to create a website that's optimised to generate customers.

CRM and CMS: two software tools for your business

On the one hand, HubSpot's CRM is an ideal instrument to connect your presence on different online platforms and track user interactions. It allows you to segment and organise contact information, is a free tool, can be used simultaneously with other CRMs without any problem, increases the effectiveness of the purchasing process, is easy to use, updates in real time and has no customisation limits. It is everything your business needs to track the user experience. If you want to know more about CRM, we invite you to read our post.

On the other hand, the CMS is in charge of creating that experience and managing the website. However, there is no competition between both tools, they are totally complementary, two ideal integrations that work very well and that you will be able to have in a single platform.

do you spend too much time trying to optimise the customer experience, offering quality content and synchronising tools? Think about it.

HubSpot CMS, is it the alternative to WordPress?

It all depends on the needs of your business. In the case of HubSpot, it is a cloud-based content management system that specialises in website hosting. In short, it is the perfect place to create, manage and optimise content. It is different in the case of WordPress, a software package whose interface provides some basic functions, such as content creation, but which requires specialised plugins to perform other functionalities, such as SEO control.

While the former was created with marketers in mind, with an ideal interface for writing, optimising, publishing and analysis on a single platform, the latter was created for blogging, although it later evolved into a content management system.

Undoubtedly, both managers are very useful, and although they allow you to edit blogs and schedule publications, HubSpot includes many more features for which WordPress would need to use other tools, such as: publishing on social networks, creating CTAs, analytics or SEO optimisation. Even for something as fundamental as a form, WordPress needs an additional plugin. Despite this, this CMS has recently launched the Gutenberg WordPress version to incorporate new improvements.

And we don't want to overlook something as important as maintenance and security. WordPress is free, but you will need an IT professional or specialised hosting for your website, and this is not free. Or the security of wordpress itself or any WordPress plugin. Focus on what really matters, focus on your online marketing.

marketing and innovation go hand in hand!

why are we a good choice for implementing HubSpot CMS?

No one can imagine how we feel when we see the marketing equation solved. Content management is the question that many businesses need to answer in order to be successful.

We are a HubSpot Certified Platinum Partner agency and we are passionate about treating every business in a unique and special way. Helping brands to attract, convert and retain customers. And above all, to create lasting experiences and connections. And for that, it takes a lot of emotion and a tool that allows us to achieve it: HubSpot.

We take care of the whole process so you can start managing your website and blog content as quickly as possible in a system integrated with your CRM and suite of tools.

We offer a service tailored to you, with a professional team committed to Inbound Marketing. Have you decided that HubSpot is the right platform for your business? Are you excited about how it can help you grow? Now, you need to plan your start-up. We are waiting for you to do it together!

Key findings about HubSpot CMS

We have come to the end of this post. We have talked about functionalities, features and advantages of the HubSpot CMS, although it depends on who is using it:

  • The marketing team can easily create and edit their own pages.
  • Customers receive a unique, personalised, convenient and secure experience.
  • Developers can take advantage of flexible content structures and themes.

With HubSpot CMS, everyone wins, no one loses. Not only does it allow you to work on your website content without investing a lot of effort, but also to simplify your website management, focus on your customers and business growth. Creating personalised content has never been so easy and efficient.

The goal of brands is to foster relationships and ensure growth. Are you ready to empower your website with a CMS that helps you grow? Focus on what really matters. At Occam, we help you implement HubSpot CMS free.

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