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Companies boost their visibility thanks to mobile apps

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Investing in mobile applications seems to have become a perfect breeding ground for companies for a number of reasons. And this is not surprising, because taking into account that "96.7% of Spanish households have mobile phones, a figure higher than the 75.9% that have a computer", according to INE, mobile applications become a perfect way to reach users and customers.

We are not talking about just any applications, but corporate Apps that provide companies with a series of advantages for their growth.

Let's see what they are all about.

An opportunity to attract new customers

Many specialists are convinced that investing in apps is synonymous with investing in growth. And they are not wrong. Thanks to their presence on devices through apps, the services and attention they provide, many companies have managed to create and strengthen a climate of trust with customers. And not only that, they have also increased customer attraction and loyalty.

Apart from the many advantages that we could mention about mobile applications, we want to highlight the value they bring compared to websites. It is not a matter of choosing one or the other scenario, but of complementing them and making them work in harmony.

And you know what? For a customer, there is nothing like searching for your companies and finding them in an application on their smartphone. The path becomes much easier and they will thank you for it.

The visibility that companies achieve through Apps

Every company and professional likes to feel recognised in a competent market, an interest that has increased even more in recent years due to technological advances. Being present in the online world is no longer a complex task, but a simple one. But this makes most companies race to reach the top positions in Google search engines.

Apps have a lot to do with this, as they are a tool that not only facilitates contact and attention between customers and companies, but also improves visibility. The relationship with users becomes almost an instantaneous act. Regular customers are already used to searching for the Apps of their companies to access them more quickly.

Do you already have an App or haven't you decided yet?

The objectives of corporate apps

Not all Apps are the same, nor do they all pursue the same objectives. There are many companies that every year start to create their own technological corners. Some do it to join innovation and show an updated image, others simply seek to improve customer service by using the mobile phone as an ally, and others seek to increase their visibility.

In any case, the App will serve to improve the economic model of the company, its branding or brand image, and its efficiency. This is something that is achieved thanks to the advantages that services in applications bring to the corporate world.

Having a defined and consolidated brand image that goes hand in hand with the company's objectives and that focuses on improving the user experience is one of the main objectives of companies today. Online presence is no longer an option, but an obligation, which is why more and more professionals are taking the plunge.

If you want to know more about what we are telling you, ask us for more information without obligation.

are you ready to take the leap?

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