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A journey through the creation of mobile applications in enterprises

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have you ever stopped to think about why some companies have developed their own mobile apps? Which companies have done so? What advantages do they find in them? What are their objectives?

In fact, there are so many questions we could ask ourselves in this regard that we would never finish, which is why we have decided to pause and take a look at their creation and role in business organisations.

are you ready to join us on this journey?

Natural objectives of business

Maximising the efficiency of resources to get the most out of them is a natural goal that is intrinsic to all companies. Who doesn't want to achieve better results? More or less, but we all set these goals in our minds. Companies work every day to achieve them. In parallel with the trends in smartphone use, many companies have found a golden opportunity in the development of mobile applications.

The boom of mobile applications in Spanish companies

We want to take a look at the role of mobile apps in companies, so we have taken you back to 2012, a year in which the number of app downloads per day exceeded 2.5 million. More than twelve million users were active on a daily basis, but what has happened to these figures? What are the current figures?

In 2016 alone, the number of Android app downloads exceeded 90 million, a figure that is set to grow steadily in 2019. At what point did companies realise that creating their own mobile app could be an advantageous decision?

Perhaps it was time. In the end, as motivational as it may seem, it is time that brings the best answers. Many companies created in the mid-1990s asked themselves questions about whether or not they should have a website. Time answered yes. So much so that the website phenomenon is now a consolidated service.

The years have gone by, and so has time. As a result, the questions, queries and curiosities of companies have changed. The question now is no longer whether or not they need a website or an email, but rather questions such as: does my company need to create a mobile application? How should I develop my idea from a technical and functional point of view?

Once again, these are questions that arise as time goes by. What do you think the next question will be?

why are companies betting on the creation of applications?

With the aim of helping to shape these ideas, the figures of mobile application developers and programmers have emerged. They are looking for the best way to ensure the development of the ideas proposed to them from different levels, as they have become aware of the role of mobile applications in companies. In fact, it is enough to stop and think for a moment about the advantages that the mobile applications we have on our devices bring us. We therefore invite you to stop and think about it.

First of all, we believe that the strong point of these systems is always their immediacy and the possibility of having them present at all times, as they are part of our mobiles, of those devices that we look at when we wake up, of those devices that have become the last thing we look at before going to sleep. What if we take advantage of this phenomenon?

Next, we believe it is worth highlighting their availability and the possibilities offered by their interface to facilitate navigation for users, providing a unique customer experience. They also allow us to create optimised content and show a creative, differentiating and innovative image of companies. Financial institutions can be a good example of this.

have you ever thought about the possibility of interacting with your customers in real time? Mobile applications can be a good way to achieve this in Spanish companies. We invite you to keep reading the news that we will bring in future posts.

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