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Bulk in email marketing: what is it and what is it used for?

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Bulk mail is an email marketing technique that consists of sending mass emails. It is mainly used to communicate with customers and build customer loyalty, but it also brings other benefits that we are going to tell you right now

what can bulk mail provide?

  1. Regular contact: One of the great advantages of using an email marketing strategy is consistency, that is, subscribers will receive an email from you from time to time that will not let them forget about your brand, so they will keep you in mind continuously.
  2. Asynchrony: Bulk mail is not at all an intrusive technique or immediate response from the recipient. The mail is there in the inbox ready to be opened when the user has some free time or feels like it.
  3. Versatility: Any company, whatever its sector, can use email marketing and bulk mail.

Bulk en email marketing: qué es y para qué se utiliza

how to do bulk mail correctly?

  • Make a clear, concise and attractive subject. The subject of the message is the factor that will determine whether or not the user opens the email, so it must be clear, concise and attractive. It must arouse desire and desire to know what is inside the newsletter. Also, you should not use the so-called Spam words, ie words like "free", "only for today", "now", "unique offer" ... Also the misuse of capital letters or the indiscriminate use of exclamation marks or symbols of coins, make Internet providers capture these words as spam, so beware of turning the message by your subject into a spam or junk mail.
  • Make a good presentation - the recipient needs to be able to quickly identify who is sending the bulk mail campaign. It doesn't need to stand out, just be clearly visible.
  • Add the company logo. Related to the previous point, you must also add the logo. It is extremely important that it is in the mail, as it is the way in which customers verify that it is an email from the company and it is not an email that seeks to obtain their data.
  • Give a good title, as it reflects the objective of the campaign, it should be clear and concise.
  • Add a lead. A two- or three-line summary that expands on the information provided in the title should be carried out.
  • Provide meaningful images. They must be related to the objective of the campaign. They must also be attractive and arouse the desire to purchase the product or service.

Bulk en email marketing: qué es y para qué se utiliza

  • Include your contact details. Never forget to add these details, as they are essential for the customer to contact the company. Include the telephone number, address, e-mail and website in a visible place. If the customer is interested in the offer and does not know who is sending it, you run the risk of them entering a parameter in the search engine that will take them directly to the competition.
  • Add calls to action: These are the main calls to action that generate traffic to your website. They have to stand out at a glance and are usually written in an imperative mode and wrapped in a box or in a different colour/font than the rest of the newsletter. They should be directed to the specific site that is displayed in the campaign to facilitate the sale, so that the subscriber does not have to search the web.
  • Add buttons to your social networks as well. Integrating the different communication channels will increase the effectiveness of the campaign. In this way you will boost your communication strategy.
  • Don't forget the unsubscribe link. This is an essential detail as without it the campaign cannot be sent because it is mandatory by law to include it in the message.
  • Personalise the email. This aspect is key, as personalising the email is not only enough to put the person's name at the beginning, but also that the text is a little more informal and is aimed at the tastes of that particular customer. That way, your customer feels that they are being taken into account by the brand. To obtain this type of data you can create forms on your website in which customers who subscribe to your notices, indicate what are the tastes and relevant topics for them.
  • It is very important that the bulk email marketing content is generated in a format that can be viewed correctly on a smartphone.
  • Use thepreview or test. Use a test email before launching the campaign. This way you can see how it looks and how all your customers will see it. There are also platforms that offer a preview in which you can view the message in its final format, before it is sent, so you can make any corrections you deem necessary before sending it to your audience.

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