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As a brand, do you know how to make your potential customers fall in love with you?

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So you would like to make your clients fall in love with you... We understand you perfectly, because there is no stronger feeling than love. And it is not only a matter of couples, but also of business relationships, but Cupid is not in the mood to go around shooting arrows all over the place. He will only do it with those who make an effort, with those who earn it, with those who day by day put their all on the grill, with those who take care of their own and of others. With those who fight to be attractive.

why do you think brands are attracting more and more potential customers, and do you know the reason for their marketing efforts?

If you are a brand and you are wondering how you can make your potential customers fall in love with you, we can only say WELCOME!

How to make your potential customers fall in love with you

Emotions are sleepers that sleep peacefully inside us. Something big would have to happen for them to wake up, right? Companies are achieving it thanks to the interest and focus they put on people, and not so much on products. They achieve it with solid marketing strategies in which video is a key element.

Video marketing is perfect for humanising brands, and although many people are lazy to talk about it, it is necessary to do so. Corporate videos are the result of these strategies, and although many brands are including them more and more, not all of them get the results they expect.

Video requires tools, experience, professionalism, knowledge and clear ideas, which is why many brands turn to production companies specialising in corporate video.

Advantages of emotional videos

When we talk about emotional videos, we are not only referring to those that make you take your handkerchief out of your pocket. Emotions can go much further than that:

  • It's not just about making your customers understand your business, it's about making them feel it. Why shouldn't others be able to get excited about your brand if you get excited about it? Remember where your business was born... from an illusion, right?
  • Be yourself, and your audience will also be themselves to see how you really are, your clarity of ideas, the value of your products and services. They will see you as someone authentic, with an essence that makes them fall in love.
  • Theywill see you as someone different, not because that's how you want to appear, but because you simply ARE. And attractiveness? No way.
  • You will convey as much credibility and approachability as you have. And your website will be witness to it. Take off any armour you have and show your audience that you are someone authentic.
  • Not only will they remember you in their memory, but also in their heart. And forgive us if we get a little bit sappy, but when you see a video that you like and it touches you, something about it stays with the user forever.
  • Youwill be positioned, and you know how important that is nowadays. You will have a brand that addresses people to people, that cares about how its customers feel, their problems and their needs. And there's nothing better than that.
  • You will generate trust, and truth, and you will make your users feel that they are the protagonists of your brand's story, living and feeling in every contact with you.

what do you think of all this? As long as everything you tell your audience is true, it will serve a purpose. What will always work against you will be those tasks you do to fill in or to fulfil.

As someone once said: "If what you're going to say isn't better than silence, don't say it. In your videos, too.

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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