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Audiovisual production services (Motion Graphics, animated GIFs...)

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"Marketing is no longer about what you can produce, it's about the stories you can tell " - Seth Godin

are you still not clear on what audiovisual production is? How many times have you heard it said that things are changing? Things are constantly changing, now and always, like a river whose water flows naturally. Companies and their tools, too. And in this post, we want to tell you what audiovisual production is, what its phases are, who is involved in it and what services it offers.

let's get started!

what is audiovisual production?

If we were to ask you what audiovisual production is, you would probably answer something like "having an idea, recording it, editing it and publishing it in a video". Actually, that's a pretty accurate answer, but what's behind it all? Audiovisual production is equipment, it's filming, it's experience. Audiovisual production is many things.

It also involves asking yourself what budget you have available for the project, which people are going to participate in it, what role each of them is going to play, who is going to plan everything, what objectives you want to achieve, who is it aimed at, etc.

All this information must appear in the briefing and it is very important to achieve the result you want. Therefore, audiovisual production is the art of creating a product for the audiovisual media .

Now that you know what audiovisual production is, it is time to find out who is involved in it. Are you ready?

9 audiovisual production services at Occam Digital Agency

what do you need, to present your company in a clear and simple way, to generate confidence in your audience, to explain how a specific service works or to solve doubts?

We have the perfect audiovisual format for each of your company's needs and we have compiled them to share them with you:

  1. To present your company, your values, facilities, products, processes or experiences in a simple, truthful and close way ...CORPORATE VIDEO.
  2. To communicate powerful messages, convey complex ideas in a simple way and capture attention in a matter of seconds... MOTION GRAPHICS (2D and 3D).
  3. To convey visual information in seconds, improve comprehension and give a creative touch to a still image... ANIMATED GIF.
  4. To convey information effectively, distribute knowledge easily and create learning guides in a creative way... TUTORIALS AND TRAINING PILLARS.
  5. To tell stories, experiences, opinions of your customers or employees through the brand, as well as to reinforce the corporate image... TESTIMONIAL VIDEO.
  6. To present a new business, hold a meeting with suppliers, a meeting with your community of users, a promotional action... EVENT VIDEO.
  7. To offer a view from all perspectives and generate immersive experiences... 360 DEGREE VIDEO.
  8. To generate engagement with customers, combine creativity and identifiable characters, as well as give a more modern touch... CORPORATE WEBSERIE.
  9. To launch a campaign, present a service, capture a specific audience or publicise a product... PROMOS.

Yes, now you know what audiovisual production is, but that is no longer the most important issue. The interesting thing is that more and more brands aredeciding topresent and immortalise the most relevant moments with video, because they transmit and convert.

who is involved in the production process?

So, do you already know what audiovisual production is and what kind of services you can demand from Occam's production company ?

Then it's time to get to know some of the actors involved:

  • Producer: He is the one who hires the staff and the necessary elements to develop the project .
  • Director: He/she is in charge of everything necessary to carry out the audiovisual production. He/she gives the appropriate instructions .
  • Assistant director/producer: They are in charge of supervising the work.
  • Camera assistants: assists the camera operator depending on the requirements of the scene .
  • Editor or editor: The person in charge of editing and editing the production, as well as organising the internal structure.
  • Art director: He or she is in charge of the sets, costumes and setting .
  • Scriptwriters: They are in charge of writing the scripts for the videos, taking into account the length and type of video.

And now that you know them, let's see what steps a company video follows from the moment it is filmed until it is published.

Video marketing, a strategic journey from start to finish

It all starts with the idea, and then, why create the video yourself when you can hire an agency specialised in audiovisual production?

In any case, your project will always follow these steps:

1. Pre-production

We know what audiovisual production is and what it is about. Before you start filming, you need a story to tell. Whether it's to present your business, share your latest goals achieved or something else, it's time to start capturing the idea in the script, which must be: literary (it describes what will be heard in the piece) and technical (prepared by the director or made after analysing the literary script, and where the technical aspects, decoration, playback, lighting, etc.are specified ).

In the pre-production of the video, all the technical (microphones, tripods, cameras), artistic (furniture, wardrobe, props) and human (technical and artistic staff) elements must be specified . Don't forget how vital the briefing is for the process, as it must specify clearly and briefly the communicative reason for creating the content .

2. Filming

We have already planned everything we are going to tell and how we are going to do it to avoid mistakes and unforeseen events. For this reason, we will create a daily shooting order, where we will compile everything we need to record that day, the script or supervisor. In the production stage, everything must be measured and controlled, from the framing (the composition of the scenes depends on the point of view from where we place the camera and the shot we take), the light (we create the most favourable environment for the piece) and the sound (the operation of the microphones and the state of the headphones and cables must be checked beforehand).

3. Post-production

Now that we have reached the last stage of production, editing or montage, it is time to review the quality of the material we have recorded to turn it into a smooth narrative. The next step is to adjust the images, work on the sound, add special effects and incorporate the credits, if necessary.

now we have the final version!

Seeing is believing: check out these examples!

As words can be taken with the wind, we have compiled some of our audiovisual pieces for companies like yours and excited entrepreneurs like you.

ready to see them? Click on our audiovisual production page and take a look at these examples:

  • National Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Bralo: BNT-N
  • CTT Express
  • Human: Difensil
  • Liptosa: Digestfast
  • Peugeot: Hnos. Viñarás
  • OrbitalAds
  • Risi
  • RoomMate Hotels
  • PayXpert
  • Red Cross

do you have any doubts about audiovisual production, its phases and key elements? At Occam Digital Agency, you won't be alone, we will accompany you throughout the whole process.

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