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Apps that can make your life easier, available for iOS and Android

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[fusion_text]We have already talked about mobile apps or applications. In a society in which we cannot live without a mobile phone, there are all kinds of apps to organise or facilitate our daily lives and more and more are being created according to the needs of users.

Today we show a series of apps for IOS and Android that we consider very useful and some little known to help you solve the "problems" of everyday life.


Surely you have often thought about how much time we spend on things that, although necessary, take up too much time in our daily lives. Going shopping at the supermarket, to a particular shop, or going to get food at your favourite restaurant that doesn't have a home delivery service... all these tasks involve a journey that can sometimes be a chore and we wish we could do it without leaving home.

That's why this app was created: Glovo is the first app that brings you anything you order, whether it's some documents from the stationery shop, anything you've run out of at home and need urgently from the supermarket or if you're just craving some chips. You'll have whatever you want, wherever you want it, in a matter of minutes.

With Glovo, all you have to do is say what you want and your address and they'll deliver it to your home for €5.50. Sometimes it's cheaper to order food through Glovo than through some restaurants' own delivery service.

It's one of the most useful new apps to come along in a long time.

Resultado de imagen de glovo


We normally use Google Translate to translate text and voice in other languages and it is often very useful to be able to defend ourselves with the language if we go to a foreign country where a language we don't know is spoken. But the most impressive thing about this application is that it is also capable of translating the text of images.

With this app you can capture a video with the image you want to translate and Google Translate will show you the message in the language you have chosen along with the image. This function will allow you to translate everything you see on the street such as advertisements, traffic signs, restaurant menus... The best thing: You can use this app even without an Internet connection.

Apps: Google translate


how many times have you heard a song you like somewhere but couldn't find it on the Internet because you didn't know its name? Now with Shazam this will never happen again. It is an application that incorporates a service that allows you to identify music. It is very easy to use; you just have to open the application and press the "Shazamear" button while the song you want to identify is playing. This will allow you to discover new music wherever you go, whether at a party, at the cinema, in a shop... practically anywhere. The application also saves all the songs you have searched for in a list.

Such has been the worldwide success of this application that it also has the option of being able to see which have been the most "shazamed" songs in your country and around the world, always showing you the best music hits of the moment.

But it doesn't end there, this app also has a function called "discover" that creates a daily playlist based on your tastes and musical preferences. Undoubtedly one of the most practical and successful applications created so far.

Resultado de imagen de shazam


This application allows you to manage your personal and work activities and projects so that you don't forget any of your pending tasks. The application works in 20 languages and on 15 different platforms. It automatically synchronises so that you can add offline data and it appears later on all your devices.

A very interesting and useful feature of this app is that it is a "Productivity Viewer" that shows you if you have met your goals based on the dates you have scheduled to complete each of your tasks, and it allows you to share and collaborate with your classmates, colleagues, etc.

Resultado de imagen de todoist app


This app is very useful and interesting, especially for travellers and people who like to experience and discover new places. With it we can connect our digital lives with the physical world. All we have to do is point the camera at the element we want to interact with. You can get extra information about a monument, find discount coupons or even alternative versions of the advertising posters you are pointing at with the camera of your smartphone. Incredible, isn't it?

The app also has Geo Layers, a function to find events, restaurants and shops near you.


We have already mentioned nomophobia, or mobile phone addiction, which is an abbreviation of "No-mobile-phone phobia" or "fear of being without a mobile phone".

If your problem is that you can't complete your tasks because you are using your mobile phone, this app can help you to solve it. Forest uses an interesting procedure to motivate you to achieve your goals without using your mobile phone. The method is based on planting a seed in your mobile phone, which will be blocked for 30 minutes. This way you can concentrate on your tasks during that time and finish them. If you succeed, you can share your achievements and your trees will grow. If you don't, the app will notify you of your mistakes and your seeds will not grow.


If you are one of those who are lazy to think about what to wear every day, this interesting app is your solution. If you photograph your clothes or take pictures of all your outfits before leaving home, then Cloth will classify your different looks so you can plan the clothes you are going to wear every day. You won't have to think about what to wear anymore.

do you have a good idea to create an app? Do you think your idea could be successful and help a lot of people in their daily life?

If you have a good idea... Tell us about it and we will make it come true! At Occam Digital Agency we create custom mobile apps for you based on what you ask us to do. We do our job the best we can and with our help your idea can go far. If you are interested, contact us through our website

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