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Types of advertising and benefits

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Advertising is a form of communication that is used to transmit advertising messages to customers or potential customers. For online advertising, which is what we are going to talk mainly about now, blogs, social networks, email and/or other existing platforms on the network serve as means of communication. In addition, today we will tell you about the types of advertising that exist and what are some of their best advantages.

Tipos de publicidad y ventajas 

what types of advertising are there?

1. Types of advertising depending on the target:

  • B2B advertising: B2B (business-to-business) advertising is that which is aimed at other companies, i.e. the advertising content is aimed at other companies and not at society. Its main advantage is that profits are usually higher.
  • B2C advertising: B2C (Business-to-consumer) advertising is always aimed at the end consumer, whereby companies sell their products or services to ordinary people.
  • C2C advertising: C2C advertising, also known as "Consumer to Consumer", is that type of activity where the marketing of products is done between individuals, i.e. no company is involved. A clear example are the platforms that allow the sale of second-hand goods such as Ebay or Amazon.

2. Types of advertising depending on the objective:

  • Commercial advertising: In this type of advertising, the customer is asked to interact by buying a product either immediately or deferred.
  • Public Service Advertising: The function of this type of campaign is to educate or raise awareness in society about a particular issue, such as advertisements against gender violence.
  • Corporate or Institutional Advertising: Here, products or services are left aside to focus on generating a good expectation of the company, i.e. what is done in these advertisements is to create a brand image.
  • Competitive or Comparative Advertising: What is done in these advertisements is to compare your product with your competitor's product and to draw out the benefits of yours.
  • Reinforcement advertising: This type of advertising is about reminding customers that their purchase has been the right one so that they feel satisfied for acquiring that product and strengthen the idea that it will meet their needs.

Tipos de publicidad y ventajas 

3. Types of advertising on the Internet:

  • Social Media Advertising - Social media advertising is becoming more and more popular, its advantage is clear, people spend a great deal of time on social media and it will be easier for them to see our advertising there than elsewhere.
  • Search Engine Advertising or SEM: This type of advertising is based on the search results of your browser. When you do that search, the first results are advertisements where companies bid to appear in the first positions for the keyword you have entered in the search engine.
  • Email Marketing Advertising: This type of advertising is based on sending advertising through users' emails once they authorise it and give their consent.
  • Display Advertising: Display advertising or banner advertising is that which appears in image, audio or video format on web pages. The most common place where you can find this type of advertising is on web pages and typical blogs.
  • Video advertising: Video is becoming the preferred consumer information medium for users and that is its advantage. Nowadays, you can find reputable video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, IGTV..

4. Types of advertising based on reach:

  • International advertising: International advertising is that which is launched by a brand or company and is directed outside the national territory, covering one or more foreign countries.
  • National advertising: This is advertising that covers the entire nationality in which the brand or company is located, without restricting the geographical area within the country.
  • regional Advertising: This type of advertising is applied to a specific geographical area within the country where the company is located, whether it is an autonomous community or a province. Advertising is only launched in that chosen area, excluding the rest of the nation.
  • Local or Retail Advertising: In this type of local advertising, the reach is expanded to a very small area such as a city and its surroundings. The advantage of this type of advertising is that you increase the chances of reaching your target audience.
  • Point-of-sale advertising: This is the closest advertisement to the retailer, as this is where this type of advertising has a presence.

5. Types of advertising depending on the nature of the advertiser:

  • Advertising for Private Companies. The main mission of this type of advertising is to convince the potential customer to buy the product that a private company is marketing.
  • Advertising for Non-Profit Organisations: Advertising for organisations does not sell any type of product or service, its mission is to inform people of the type of activities they carry out in order to attract more people to the cause.
  • Advertising for public administration: Its main function is to inform and improve the brand image of the public administration.

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