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3 things you can't miss in your brand video

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what 3 elements are "hot" in video? Let's take a quick look at the ingredients that should never be missing in your audiovisual piece.

We wonder what it is about the moving image that people like so much. Text and static images are now a thing of the past, little more than a kind of frozen business reflection, a way of staying in our digital comfort zone, of not looking for new results or growth for our business.

Because all the new trends that emerge are turning the traditional ones into an accommodation that is still useful, but incapable of providing new advantages. Because all the texts and images of yesterday are a representation of something that no longer exists today, of something that we do not keep in our memory. The most obvious proof that information is ephemeral.

why are we telling you this?

Because of all the things that cross our minds today, only one thing is giving great advantages to companies: video. So, dear reader, do you want to know what are the things that can never be missing in this trend?

We want to share them with you.

3 elements and a single destination

There are many issues that companies and professionals in charge of creating corporate videos must take into account. There are countless opportunities that this tool offers us in terms of creativity and originality, but, however we decide to do it, we must never do without those elements that constitute its spirit.

We are talking about context, conciseness and connection- without these we would not be talking about video in its fullness, but rather a piece lacking in value and co-ordination, and what is video without that?

So, for these to be totally effective, it is essential to never lose sight of these three ingredients. Every year more and more companies are joining the audiovisual modality, above all because of its capacity to retain information in users and awaken their interest. Let's see what these three elements consist of:

  • CONTEXT: Think about your potential customers, the target audience that will watch your videos, what they like to see, in what form and at what time.
  • CONCISION: In the audiovisual world, you set the limits. You can include anything you can imagine, but don't lose sight of the way people consume information and remember that being brief is sometimes the best way to communicate.
  • CONNECTION: A good video is one that achieves its objectives. Interest, curiosity and interactivity with the user are the result of an emotional connection.

what do you want to achieve with your video? Do you know your audience exactly? Think about these kinds of things.

how do you strike a balance between these 3 elements?

Sometimes it can be a complex task, especially if we do not have the necessary audiovisual knowledge to put into practice all the ideas we have in mind. But there are professionals ready and willing to take them to the top. To achieve the perfect balance between these elements we must be very clear about the objective we want to achieve, the customer profile we are targeting, their usual behaviour, and what we are going to transmit. Your brand video is important.

Your brand video is important. You want to show who you are, what is hidden behind the name of your business, the human side of the company, its products and services, and, ultimately, how you can help the world. You have a lot to say, and even more to show, but, if you are not known out there, you do not exist. Because, "what is not communicated, does not exist".

Don't be afraid to keep growing.

pon un vídeo corporativo en tu vida

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