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7 examples of successful digital marketing to inspire you

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In today's article, we're going to tell you about the best examples of digital marketing plans that will inspire you to start creating the best plan for your company. Stay tuned!

7 examples of well-known and successful digital marketing plans

  1. grupo Bimbo 's marketing plan. Grupo Bimbo's marketing objectives include promoting healthy diets and healthy lifestyles in their advertising strategies. They achieve this by focusing on their health and wellness guidelines for both the general public and their consumers under the age of 12. As a result, their marketing actions seek to distribute content that promotes a healthy lifestyle in media and programmes aligned with the company's values.

  2. coca Cola's marketing plan: It is no surprise that the soft drink company has excellent marketing. It continued to demonstrate this by launching its Better when we're open strategy in Spain, which has a sustainable message at its core. The marketing plan that Coca Cola undertook for this campaign highlights the following points:

-The important thing is not to show the audience what you do, but why and how and where you do it.

-Highlight the proposition and competitive advantage over other similar brands.

-Show a position aligned with global concerns.

-Show that Coca Cola can still be a relevant brand, but also a brand with purpose, experience and conversation generator.

-Make the audience feel closer to the brand.

7 ejemplos de Marketing digital exitosos para inspirarte

  1. herbalife Nutrition marketing plan. Herbalife Nutrition is a multilevel corporation that develops, promotes and sells products related to nutrition, weight management and personal care. The company has been in business for several years and has received multiple awards, such as the award for Best Leadership in the Herbal Industry. Among other highlights, the company has been a pioneer in establishing multilevel marketing strategies. This is described as the direct distribution of products to the end customer through a scalable network of diverse employees and distributors.

  2. jose Cuervo 's marketing plan Jose Cuervo is a globally recognised company in the distilled spirits industry and the world's largest producer of tequila. Specifically its Jose Cuervo tequila brand has over the years undertaken different marketing strategies which in turn have become an expected tradition. An example of this is the annual launch of limited design bottles called Calavera. Jose Cuervo's marketing plan focuses on continuing to lead the development of the tequila category, as highlighted in its 2019 Annual Report.

  3. goPro' s marketing plan: GoPro cameras are able to record what was previously impossible or very complicated, which is why it has become a very important element for adventurers and sportspeople. Thanks to its unique character, GoPro has been able to create surprising content through its products. Although its products are already surprising in themselves, without a good marketing strategy they would not have become known at such high levels. They have generated and disseminated content created both by themselves and by their users, thus promoting brand recognition.

7 ejemplos de Marketing digital exitosos para inspirarte

  1. sephora's marketing plan: Sephora invites its customers to take part in a loyalty programme that is carefully and effectively designed. This programme, called "Beauty Insider", divides customers according to the money they spend annually. On the one hand, those who spend the least, secondly, those who spend around $350 and, finally, those who have paid more than $1,000. The cosmetics brand applies attractive strategies to encourage its loyal customers to buy more of its products by offering them good rewards for leveling up. In this way, they manage to incentivise purchases while encouraging their customers at the same time.

  2. twitch's marketing plan. Twitch is one of the most successful streaming platforms to date. It has reached the fourth position in the list of pages with the highest traffic on the Internet. Twitch has continued to grow thanks to the wide variety of content that can be made on it: from video game tournaments and gameplays to chats and reactions to live videos, among other things. This platform has grown thanks to the marketing strategies they have applied, and they began by focusing on a very specific niche: video games. Over time, they nurtured the relationship with users and expanded the categories and what their content creators could do.

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