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Increase visits to your website through a 360º tour

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are you convinced to offer a 360 tour to your customers? It's time to learn about its advantages and start looking for a professional agency that extends the user experience with your business, as well as being authorised by Google. Small details make the difference, so today we want to talk to you about the role of virtual tours on your website.

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virtual tours to improve your web positioning?

Virtual tours have become a reality for all types of businesses, and more and more companies are opting to solve their visibility problems with the help of a 360-degree virtual tour and integrate it into the Google Indoor Street View platform.

Realistically, your Google listing is the most visible element of your business when it comes to search. You can improve your positioning and presence with a virtual tour. Imagine you are a hotel. For users, choosing a hotel is often difficult. But if you start to include the idea of creating immersive, virtual experiences, you will generate much more trust among potential customers. And users will be able to visit the hotel before they even get there.

you know, when a user searches for businesses, most of the time they look at maps and similar products. So, photo cards and a virtual tour multiply the chances of generating interest. And better yet, Google values and ranks businesses that have a 360 tour more highly.

did you know that a virtual tour multiplies the number of visits to your website by 25 to 30 times?

10 benefits of using the 360 tour in your company

We don't know who you are, where you come from or what brings you here, but we are convinced that you have come here for a reason. And although you probably haven't used the virtual tour in your company yet, we want to tell you about its advantages. Maybe it's the perfect way to increase the number of visits to your website:

  1. Surprise your customers. Not all businesses allow you to see their facilities with a virtual tour.
  2. It generates more confidence in customers by showing all the details of the site, just as it is. No gimmicks.
  3. Itincreases hotel bookings, as customers value what they see.
  4. It's an investment for life and makes a big impact on the business.
  5. You will stand out from your competition and they will have one more reason to care.
  6. Users visit a lot of audiovisual content.
  7. It conveys transparency and realism in all directions.
  8. Itreduces your customers' fear of the unknown.
  9. It is the definitive factor in the final decision to visit your accommodation.
  10. Increases your company'ssales.
  11. Improves brandvisibility on Google and makes you stand out.
  12. It brings a special value to businesses in the tourism sector.

The 360 tour is becoming more and more popular, and all thanks to the enormous number of advantages it offers to businesses in any sector. They are carried out by real camera gurus and use methodologies that are perfect for Street View technology.

ready to bring 360-degree experiences and immerse your customers in them?

Users use maps to search for businesses

That's the main reason why you should start using the 360 tour in your business - not only do you increase your chances of being found, but you also increase your chances of being their first choice.

The future is about being on the map, because millions of users are searching for you on their smartphones. Showing them your business in virtual reality will help them make a faster and more accurate purchasing decision. They will quickly recognise where you are and you will rank on Google maps when a user searches for your business. But nothing will compare to the possibility of seeing your facilities or products directly with high quality professional photographs, even in 360 degrees or with VR goggles.

Virtual tours are illumination, fluidity, route and much more. It is cutting-edge technology, perspective and reality. To make yours you only have to contact a professional agency (they will provide you with the best digital solutions), start with the photo shoot (they will send you their Google-approved photographer at the time and day that best suits you to take all the necessary 360 panoramas) and relax (you will only have to wait a little while the team edits and shapes the 360 tour from the panoramas taken).

Creativity, strategy and technology at your disposal. Show your business as if your clients were right there. Shall we talk?

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