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do you already know the best practices to improve your website's SEO?

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A few months ago, we told you why it is important to work on the SEO of a company's website and how to do it. Today we want to tell you what role it plays in your Inbound Marketing strategy, why it is so important, a metaphor to understand what is its main difference compared to SEM, and some of the best practices to improve positioning.

We know that achieving SEO has become the dream of every website out there on the internet, but how many actually make the effort to achieve it?

why do we give so much importance to SEO?

When we talk about SEO we refer to web positioning, why do we want to improve it, how does it help us to increase our visibility? These seem like obvious questions, don't they? Companies have become increasingly aware of the advantages of making themselves known and increasing their visibility on internet search engines, as it opens up a world of opportunities for their brands.

So much so that nowadays there are very few companies that do not have a website to show who they are, what they do, what they offer, etc. In short, it is a kind of showcase and a powerful tool for attracting customers. Achieving this is not an easy task, as it requires more than just being located on the web. We will tell you what it is all about.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is defined as "the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines". Since its appearance, it has evolved so much that its basic factors have come to reside in relevance and authority, that is, the correspondence with a specific search and the popularity of the website itself.

Some of the best practices that you can carry out to improve the SEO of your page may be the following:

  • Know your users: Are you clear about who you are targeting?
  • Establish a plan. Do you know what you are going to do?
  • Use a blog. What medium are you going to use?
  • How are you going to disseminate your content?

A metaphor for differentiating SEO and SEM

At this point, it is important to be clear about the basics of SEO and not to confuse it with SEM (Search Engine Marketing). There are many differences, but the main one is that in the latter you pay a cost per click to occupy the first places in searches. You can check it out.

As some Cyberclick professionals explain, "SEO is like looking for a good free car park next to the site you need to go to, whereas SEM is the equivalent of paying for a car park". The cost of SEO is in the effort invested and the implementation of numerous techniques to reach the top positions. If you succeed, users will consider your page as a good reference to come back to.

And how are you doing?

How SEO can help Inbound Marketing

Although it may seem illogical, some companies wonder what the difference is between SEO and Inbound Marketing. In this sense, it is important to know that the only point they have in common is that they are a strategy. The objectives pursued by each can be very different, although totally complementary. Below, we tell you how SEO can help Inbound Marketing.

SEO positioning should be understood as an effective part of the Inbound strategy. In this methodology, very different pieces are needed, and SEO is one of those that drive it to achieve the common goal: to attract visitors. So that you understand us, SEO can be one of the different strategies that are incorporated in Inbound Marketing.

If you want to achieve a good positioning in the main search engines and make SEO one more ingredient of your Inbound Marketing strategy, it is important to know two of its common advantages:

  • Attraction of qualified traffic. Users who come to your website expect to find an answer to their questions. Remember that Inbound Marketing aims to attract potential customers.
  • Greater profitability: You don't have to pay to be in the search engines, and there is no time limit to appear in them.

If you have any questions about SEO and Inbound Marketing, remember that you can contact us.

To keep learning is to keep growing.

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