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why is segmentation important in marketing?

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Segmentation is a word that makes even more sense when we talk about the digital environment. And don't think that this is a coincidence, but rather a causality. The reason why companies and potential customers end up finding each other. The reason why you find the product you are looking for. The reason why companies attract new customers and build loyalty among those they already have.

And of course, all this has a lot to do with segmentation, but so that you don't have any doubts, we are going to start from zero by telling you what segmentation in marketing is and why it is such an important factor nowadays.

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what is segmentation in marketing?

If you want to meet your corporate objectives, you will have to design a good digital marketing strategy, or even a traditional one. No matter where you look, what really matters is to know who you are targeting, what you are going to do to achieve your objectives and how you are going to optimise resources while minimising costs.

Segmentation is a flexible entity that can be applied to markets, to audiences, to customers... It is a way of working, a necessary marketing methodology so that every decision you make in your company is focused on a purpose and makes sense. With all this, we can now establish a solid definition that we take -with permission- from The culture of marketing:

"...segmenting is analysing and identifying the profiles of groups of consumers who may need different products or different marketing strategies..."

Segmenting your potential customers

This is the type of segmentation we are going to deal with in this post because of the importance it has for companies. Imagine for a moment that you want to carry out an Inbound Marketing strategy and you need to define the buyer persona of your company, what do you do to create it?

The buyer persona is the definition of the profile of the audience you are targeting. This is the only way to put yourself in their shoes and get to know them so well that your marketing actions will be targeted and perfectly adapted to them. Segmenting this audience means cutting into segments to know what your business' key customers are like(their consumption habits, their profession, their profitability, their skills, their challenges, their goals, their frustrations...).

Segmenting is starting from a clear base directly towards your objectives. Ask yourself what worries your potential customer and how you can help them. The best answers are in you.

what should you do to segment your potential customers?

As we have already mentioned, it is necessary to define the buyer persona. Knowing who you are targeting will be fundamental to attract them, so ask yourself these questions:

  • where is he/she located?
  • how old is he/she?
  • what challenges does he/she face?
  • what does he/she do for a living?
  • are you single, engaged or married?
  • what stimuli or factors motivate you to make a purchase?
  • where does he go for information when he has a question?
  • to what extent can you help them meet their needs or solve their problems?

In short, segmentation means dividing into groups according to needs and characteristics. The aim? No more and no less than to offer a differentiated and targeted offer to each of our target groups. Thanks to customer segmentation in our marketing strategy it is possible to optimise resources and undertake marketing efforts in an effective way.

Think about geographic, psychographic and demographic characteristics... You have everything you need to dive into the pool of growth.

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