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why is it important to have Google Search Console?

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Having a website is not an easy task, you need tools to help you with some tasks, such as maintenance or monitoring to be successful. This is where Google Search Console comes in, a key tool for anyone who wants to optimise their website.

We can't deny that Google is the king of search engines, it is the most used search engine around the world, and that's why it offers free tools for you to use on your website.

Maybe right now you don't know what Google Search Console is or all the benefits that this tool offers you, but don't worry! Throughout this post we will tell you about it so that you don't have any doubts.

what is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a free Google application that allows you to monitor and optimise your website. This service helps you to monitor, maintain and fix problems that may appear on your website, as well as improve the presence of your website in search results.

It is not necessary to register with Google Search Console for your website to appear in Google's search results, but it does allow you to understand and improve your site's position in Google's search results and improve your site's performance.

With this tool you can know how your site is displayed and what you have to improve to get a better position in Google SERP. This is very important, because if your website is not displayed, you do not exist. But not only that, as you know, appearing in the top positions is essential, as few people go to the next page.

Although this application was created with the vision of helping webmasters, nowadays it is not necessary to have technical knowledge to use and understand it.

But what is Google Search Console for?

The basic utility, as we have mentioned, is the monitoring and optimisation of your website, but let's go a little deeper into this Google tool.

Google Search Console allows you to analyse and obtain information that will help you to improve the organic positioning of your website. Among its functions we find:

  • analyse the traffic on your website, although you can also use Google Analytics for this section.
  • analysis of internal and external links. Links to a page is an important factor for SEO, so having this point under control is essential.
  • detect errors. You can't prevent problems from arising within your website, but you can activate an alert to solve them as soon as possible so they don't affect you. Some of these problems can be indexing issues, for example.
  • check if the robots.txt and sitemap files of your website are working correctly or if they have any errors to address.
  • manage Indexing: This is a key point, because if you want to appear in Google you have to be in its index, and for that you have to have your website well indexed.
  • consult the traffic data of your website. Thanks to this application you can make a complete analysis of the behaviour of your page in the search results. What does this mean? You can observe and analyse, for example, in which position you are, the behaviour of the user and their profile or the click-through rate (CTR), among other data that you can see.
  • you can delete URLs that you do not want to appear in search results.
  • adaptability on different devices: This platform helps you to check your usability, performance and visualisation on different devices.

why is it important to use Google Search Console?

Throughout the post we have told you how this platform is key to successfully positioning your website. As it is a tool provided by Google itself, it reveals a lot of information about how to act correctly in this search engine.

It is important to implement this platform on your website because it will help you detect any kind of problem that may affect its performance. It also helps you understand how Google works and how to take advantage of it. And not only that, everything that is not measured does not exist, this tool provides you with data and analysis about your site, take advantage of it.

Anyone who owns a website can use Google Search Console, no matter how much experience you have, you can learn, you don't need specific knowledge.

So whether you are a business owner, SEO specialist or marketer, website administrator or web developer, without exception, the basis for starting your strategy is to have this tool installed.

how does it work?

The first step you have to take is to access the Seach Console website and sign up, and remember that it is a free service.

You can log in with your Google account, that is, with your email and password, and we recommend that you use a Google account because of its many free services. Once you are logged in, you will have to enter your page so that the application can start collecting data.

In a few steps, you will have to enter your website, then select the type of property and finally verify your property. This third step will depend on the type of property you have chosen.

In short, Google Search Console will be your number one ally to improve the performance of your website. As with Google Analytics it is not mandatory to use them, but the difference between working with them or not is big, because without these tools you go blind, while using them you can know what is happening.

This free tool that Google offers you is perfect to improve your presence within their search results and optimise your SEO, it is perfect to provide you with solutions and give you information about your site.

There are no more excuses for not integrating Google Search Console into your website and we encourage you to make the most of it.

we hope you enjoyed the reading and want to know more about this application!

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