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why have a corporate video?

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The video is already a powerful tool of attraction and persuasion. If it is corporate, it will present in an easy and close way the products and services of any brand, its processes, experiences and values. It is the best letter of introduction to make yourself known, much better than any simple image. It impacts on your audience and their brain, retains the message for a long time. Are you looking for a format that represents you? Check in this post why the corporate video can be the tool you need.

6 reasons to make a corporate video

The corporate video is a high quality audiovisual production that shows aspects of the company in a truthful and close way. It reflects brand identity, social responsibility, mission, vision and values, among other things. Here are the reasons why your company should have one:

  • It is an art in the digital marketing universe. It presents the deepest part of your brand in the simplest way.
  • Itimproves the company's image. The public's perception of you will determine your corporate image.
  • Communicate any message in motion, reaching users' brains faster and easier.
  • Gain brand visibility. They help you to position yourself better in search engine results pages. They capture users' attention better.
  • Increases the feeling of belonging. A good story will create emotional bonds and awaken chemistry.
  • Itencourages engagement and improves the conversion rate. It is widely used on social platforms, where it is easily shared.

So, how do you create your corporate video? We tell you in the following section.

what to take into account when creating a corporate video?

If you are thinking of creating your own audiovisual piece, it is important that you take into account the following key aspects:

  • Be direct: There is nothing like a clear, brief and concise message, without losing the viewer's attention and telling them what they want and need.
  • Know your clients' needs, so you can focus on making your video a real success.
  • Awaken feelings, think carefully about the idea, the approach, whether you are going to use humour, surprise, tension... Make sure it is not just another video, differentiate yourself.
  • It is important that thevideo is well produced and edited, with a quality production, and for this reason, often the best option is to hire a professional audiovisual production company.

Audiovisual production directly to the heart of your audience.

The importance of corporate video in a marketing strategy

who hasn't heard that corporate video is vital to any company's marketing strategy? The data speaks for itself: "64% of people are more likely to buy from a website where they have seen a corporate video".

do you like watching more than reading? Do you use YouTube often? The same thing happens to the user. And while you improve the user experience with a corporate video, you also position your brand (a video is better positioned in Google than any other format), it can go viral (it will fly fast through social networks), you generate trust (you increase the feeling of proximity and belonging), you generate qualified traffic (after watching your corporate video, the user is very likely to visit your website) and you generate loyalty (be constant, make tutorials, communicate and turn your videos into the best communication channel). Moreover, it is not expensive, everyone can access it from a simple smartphone (anytime, anywhere) and it is pure marketing (an action that seeks to communicate a message).

The corporate video makes your business unique and allows you to tell in 1 or 2 minutes your product or service. Dynamic and effective. Explain to your audience what makes your business different and unique, consult experts and let them tell you what is the best option to produce your video. Are you going to use Motion Graphics? Are you going to record it in your facilities? It is important that the creativity fits your needs and your budget.

The video will help your audience better understand what your company is about and you can use it in meetings, conferences, on your website, blog, social networks, etc. Video marketing is trending on various platforms. In fact, HubSpot states that "81% of brands are already using it". Your competitors may already be using it as part of their communication and advertising strategies. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Look for videos that generate interaction, with themes that users can identify with and are interesting for them, and create emotional content.
  • Create emotional content. Video is the star format for generating emotional content. Take advantage of it!
  • Adapt your videos to the algorithms. Think about how the different social networks behave. For example: on Instagram Stories, ephemeral content stands out, and on Twitter, last-minute content stands out.
  • include SEO in your strategy You will increase the number of views.

are you ready to create your corporate video? Do you want to discover for yourself all the advantages of this format? Do you want to create a video marketing strategy that will give you results? Discover all the benefits of corporate video in your company!

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