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Why clean subscribers from your email database?

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A really necessary task in email marketing is to clean up users, that is, to eliminate those with whom we are no longer getting results. Today we will tell you all the reasons why you need to do this cleaning, so don't miss it!

why clean subscribers from your database?

  1. You optimise your database. In In Inbound Marketing , it is important to maintain a manageable but, above all, connected volume of users. If the user is not connected, we cannot use it for lead nurturing campaigns, so having an unoptimised volume of data and, what is worse, using it, will only generate worse metrics in the results.

  2. You get continuous experimentation. One of the main principles to internalise in digital is experimentation. If we talk about experimentation, we are also talking about eliminating what is not working and trying something else.

  3. You save costs, because after a certain number of subscribers and sendings, you have to switch from a free plan to a paid plan with any of the email marketing tools you use.

  4. You focus more on your target, i.e. users who are interested and have shown interest in your products or services and, therefore, expect that email.
  1. You offer a better experience to your users, because you will take better care of them, thanks to a segmentation, where you will better adjust your mailings.

Por qué limpiar suscriptores de tu base de datos de emails         

how to clean your email database step by step?

Now that you know the importance of having a clean database for email marketing, it's time to take the step and take action. Here are the steps to clean your email list and we give you some creative ideas to keep it healthy.

  • Get rid of inactive contacts. Get rid of users who have not responded for a long time. One way to find them quickly is through segmentation. For example: Segment your list according to the interaction of your subscribers. This will allow you to quickly find those who did not open your emails in a long period (6-12 months). Then, send them a reactivation email to find out why they did not click on your emails. If they do not respond, it is because that person lost interest. So you can eliminate them and you can focus on those who do want to continue receiving your notifications.

  • Discard unsubscribes, bounces and blocking. After each campaign, stop and look at your subscriber list. From your email marketing software, access your statistics of the campaigns you have already sent and filter them by bounces, unsubscribes and spam. From there, you can delete those contacts that are of no use to you.

  • Delete suspicious contacts. If you notice contacts with strange names, invalid symbols or emails that look like spam, delete them as well. This will ensure that you have a safe and healthy database!

  • Avoid duplicate data- if you come across two identical pieces of data, you'll have to decide which is real and which is fake, and although your email marketing tool can't detect it, it's a task that will require testing and analysis.


4 tips for maintaining a quality database

Finally, if you want to have a healthy email database for email marketing, here are some ideas that we suggest:

  • Ask your subscribers. We know that having a subscriber retained just because you don't have any value for you. Therefore, to find out if someone has subscribed by mistake, is no longer interested in your posts or for what other reason they do not click on your emails, you should ask them directly.

  • Implement a double confirmation system for subscribers. Another trick to get a healthy database for email marketing is to implement this system; with the aim of sending a second email to the user who has just subscribed to confirm their subscription by clicking on a link. With this, only those interested will bother to click to confirm the subscription and you will prevent fake addresses from entering.

  • Send a reactivation campaign with these elements. It may happen that a subscriber interacts little with your content because they already read your posts in other ways, because they don't have time or because the email was lost. So be careful because a subscriber who interacts little may be interested in your brand. This is why you should send a reactivation email, to understand the behaviour of these subscribers and to know the exact reason why they are not interested.

  • Do not hide your unsubscribe button. The subscriber should find at the end of your emails, an easily accessible link to unsubscribe if they wish to do so. This is a way to avoid being marked as spam.

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