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where to get funding for Twitter?

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Twitter is the free social network with almost 330 million active accounts. This social network allows you to publish short messages with a limit of 280 characters. It facilitates the attachment of multimedia content: videos, images, audios or gifts. This social network has a large audience and a very wide age range.

In this social network, topicality is a priority, its functioning allows information to arrive very quickly. It has a great capacity for content to go viral. One advantage is the synergy of the application itself, it is not necessary to follow a large number of users - or for them to follow you, in turn - because the featured publications appear on the wall every day.

Gráfico sobre los usuarios activos de Twitter. Fuente: Statista statista graph of active Twitter users

have you ever heard of the term trending topic? It first appeared on Twitter, with the creation of hashtags and labels when this social network first appeared and the development of trending walls. Many important news items have been disseminated by Twitter before any other media, as any user can quickly publish what is happening and have it become a trending topic. It is used to share news, opinions, reflections and memes.

The platform works both on mobile devices and online. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop with an Internet connection can create an account and start interacting, which is why it has so many active users, thanks also to the fact that its mechanism is very intuitive.

Twitter marketing is focused on the personal image of companies or users, the audience is interested in authentic content. According to the official twitter blog 94% of creators look for brands that connect with their style and image. Twitter users who remember an ad from a creator show a 39% increase in favour of the brand and a 41% increase in purchase intent, compared to remembered ads produced by brands.

Another positive point of this social network is the business tool it offers for company and business profiles, which aims to optimise the results, return rate and conversion of advertising campaigns promoted on it.

In our blog article, we highlighted some tips for optimising the Twitter profile. Among these recommendations, we should highlight the need to polish the image or aesthetics of the profile. The photographs -both the profile and the background- add value to the corporate image of our company.

why are images important in a social network where words are more important?

A picture is worth a thousand words -this has always been the case and nowadays, we are living in a reality in which the audiovisual world is becoming more and more developed. The way our Twitter profile looks is important because it is the first thing that future customers see when they visit Twitter and want to learn more about our brand or products.

A logo for the profile picture is a good option to represent your company, but ideally it should stand out among other images. Although the image is seen in small sizes, it should not be neglected.

The background image is something that can attract a lot of attention, and there is nothing that looks less professional than an empty background. In the case of personal profiles it is not really that important, but if we are talking about company accounts then it is advisable to give some seriousness to the profile. It is very useful to add contact details on the left, such as the website address or references to other profiles on other social networks, in addition to the classic logo and corporate colours. Some companies take advantage of this space to advertise their latest products.

In addition, you can change the background colour, the colour of the text, the colour of the sidebar or the colour of the links on the site. Changing the aesthetics of the profile adds uniqueness to the corporate image on Twitter.

From OCCAM, digital agency we want to provide tools that provide you with wallpapers for Twitter.

where to get free backgrounds?

  • Pinterest is one of the social networks that can inspire you to choose the background for your profile. It is of great inspiration, as you can browse through millions of images.

  • Freeimages was launched 1 as an alternative to expensive stock photos. The idea was to create a site where creative people could exchange their photos for inspiration or work. The site has grown into a massive community with almost 400,000 photos online.

  • Openphoto is a free website where you can find images at your disposal.

  • since 2004 collect and archive high resolution photos that photographers, designers and students can share and use for their personal and non-commercial design projects.

  • Unprofound has become a global collaboration of non-profit photographers.

  • Canva is a simplified graphic design software and tools website, offering free images and designs accessible to all users.

Some other examples are:

We've outlined the reasons why the value of images is so important. They optimise your company's personal brand. Twitter background images allow you to stand out and stand out from other images and accounts. In addition, you can change the background colour, text colour, sidebar colour or link colour on the site, allowing for complete personalisation of your profile. By standing out and designing personally, you engage with a target audience that is or may be akin to your company's aesthetic.

Twitter allows for free exposure and promotion, allowing you to promote your brand's products and services in a more personal way. It also helps to improve your SEO, as you can use your keywords in different ways, even in search engines.

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