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What types of applications we cannot develop for mobile phones

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Apps for mobile devices have long been the invisible revolution in our pockets. In a short time, they have gone from being complete unknowns to becoming a natural part of our lives. And they have covered almost every aspect of our daily lives, from health, beauty and sport to managing our savings, vehicles and leisure.

This evolution has also reached companies, where it is increasingly common to develop their own application to showcase their products and services, strengthen their brand image, improve their visibility, have another sales channel available at any time and place, etc.

Those who have a smartphone or tablet use numerous mobile applications every day to carry out all kinds of activities, routines and habits. In companies, it is common to use them for office, productivity or management issues. In short, we know a multitude of examples, but what about the applications that we cannot develop for mobile devices? Do you know them?

Our aim today is to find out.

2 applications that we cannot develop for mobile devices

We live surrounded by mobile applications, technological trends with great potential, etc. However, today we want to show you the other side of the coin: what you have probably never asked yourself: why do you want to know which applications cannot be developed for mobile devices if you are not going to be able to install them on your Smartphone?

Well, it is important to know these applications in order to be clear about all their possibilities in companies:

  • A data manager

It is known as a Database Management System (DBMS) or DGBA (Data Base Management System) and is a set of programs responsible for administering and managing the information contained in the database. In this way, they serve as an interface between these, users and applications. However, this software system is not practical for a mobile device due to the high volume of data handled.

A popular data manager could be PHPMyAdmin, the most used in some departments when installing WordPress. Other specific tools are often needed, such as applications, reporting, etc. Thanks to data managers, security and integrity are guaranteed.

  • Back Office

It is practically the same as in the previous case. As it is a part focused on carrying out management tasks of the company itself, such as IT or human resources management, it is not advisable to develop it on mobile devices. It requires high capacity to store data, use information technologies, control accounting and collections, etc. In short, the back office needs to optimise the operation of the business, make the company stand out from the competition and improve the daily work with computer applications.

The back office is key to the internal communication of your business. The administrative tasks you do on a daily basis are related to staff management and the communication of your team. Part of its success depends on the type of solutions we implement to supervise each department and secure the operations in human resources, invoicing, etc.

This is the main reason why technology and back office outsourcing are the best allies to keep a company up to date. They not only reduce costs and risks, but also increase competitiveness and performance.

3 reasons why your smartphone is slowing you down

The mobile phone is our main tool to handle more and more things. Not only to make or receive calls and messages, but also to take a photo, organise our day or listen to music. And because of this, we are very sensitive to its performance. What would we be without a smartphone?

Today we want to tell you about 3 things that may be affecting its speed:

  1. Lack of reboot. How long has it been since you've rebooted your phone? Newer phones no longer have this problem, but older phones need to be kept fresh. And to do that, they need to be rebooted.
  2. System bugs: Operating systems, such as Android or iOS, evolve to add improvements or remove bugs, so it is important to keep the system up to date with the latest version.
  3. Applications can also be a source of bugs when they are outdated or too modern, consume high power, contain some kind of malware or lack an antivirus, among other things.

check the status of your phone and the type of application before installing it!

An X-ray of software development in Spain

Now that we are starting a new year, it is the perfect time to dedicate at least a couple of minutes to the past and the

and to do so, we're going to take a look at the ISV Channel Partner Guide, with data from 450 companies in Spain.

The most noteworthy data from the study are:Geographic concentration:

  • Geographical concentration: Most of the business is concentrated around Madrid and Barcelona: "Madrid is home to 164 companies in this Guide, while Barcelona is home to 94".
  • The success of ERP, which ranks first in the software development ranking, followed by CRM, mobile applications and document management.
  • The rise of Microsoft, the main development environment: "If we look at programming environments, the clear dominance of Microsoft and its programmes is once again confirmed".

do you want to know other applications that we cannot develop for mobile devices? Tell us your doubts and we will solve them together.

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