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what metrics are essential in an online marketing strategy?

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Marketing metrics are those indicators that allow you to know how close or far you are from the general goals of a company, whether at the level of authority, reach or conversions, among other areas. In addition, they serve to know the ROI of certain actions. Now we tell you which are the most essential. Don't miss them!

The main SEO metrics for an online marketing strategy

  1. indexing: Among the SEO metrics, indexing is the number of URLs belonging to your domain that Google can show in its results. Google Search Console is the right tool to obtain this data and know if you are experiencing growth or not.

  2. keyword ranking: Tracking the performance of keywords relevant to your business allows you to know how well your content is ranking and how much traffic it is attracting, so you can compare the position against the traffic and the volume of Google results it generates.

  3. external links: This allows you to measure the number of external links that your website receives and to determine the level of authority and positioning that one or more contents have. This can be negative or positive, and it is necessary to know this in order to strengthen or modify the SEO strategy. The number of backlinks can be monitored by tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush.

  4. organic positioning. The contents and pages that are positioned organically, that is, without using paid campaigns, provide the possibility of knowing the level of dominance that your website has for Google. SEMRush is one of the most used tools to determine this metric, in addition to measuring the number of keywords positioned, external links and more.

  5. organic and total traffic: This is perhaps one of the most essential digital marketing metrics, as having a lot of visits to your website is always good news. Measuring organic traffic and comparing it with total traffic gives you an overview of how well SEO is being used in your strategy. The best and most complete way to find out is through Google Analytics, a free platform to generate reports on your visits.

¿Qué métricas son esenciales en una estrategia de marketing online? 

The best Inbound Marketing metrics

  • Conversion rate: This is the number of potential customers or real customers that an action or attraction strategy has achieved. This can be applied to blogs, landing pages, email, campaigns, among other media.

  • Leads: People who leave their contact details or decide to download a material are interested in your brand, so measuring the number of leads that a strategy generates will give you the opportunity to visualise the impact of your actions. On the other hand, one of the most important Digital Marketing metrics are the qualified leads or MQL, which have shown that they are willing to consume your products by asking to speak to one of your consultants or to receive a quote.

  • Customer Rate: Tracking the number of customers you get from your Inbound Marketing efforts gives you the opportunity to know what works and what doesn't. HubSpot's tool is excellent for collecting and measuring dozens of data related to your interactions and relationships, whether with visitors, leads, customers or suppliers.

  • Lifetime Value (LTV): This is an accurate measure of how much profit a customer has made over the lifetime of their relationship with your brand. LTV is essential for measuring ROI and a great starting point for future digital strategies.

  • Cost of customer acquisition (CAC): The CAC is the cost associated with the actions to convince the user that you are the best option for their pain. With it you can set precise goals for the number of customers you can generate in a year. Finding out this data is necessary to recognise the impact of the materials and content offered on your website. It also shows you the level of authority you have achieved.

  • Traffic sources: Using traffic sources will show you whether your customers came to your website organically, through a social network, an email, a paid campaign or any other means. This metric can also be analysed in Google Analytics, in the Acquisition report.

¿Qué métricas son esenciales en una estrategia de marketing online? 

Social media metrics

  1. Reach is important to determine the number of people who have seen a post. This metric also includes users who are not part of your digital community.

  2. Engagement refers to the level of engagement a user has with a post for a given period of time, including interactions such as "likes", comments, number of shares, or mentions of the brand.

  3. CTR: The Click Through Rate is the number of clicks obtained with respect to the number of impressions. It is useful to know the effectiveness of the links you add to your publications.

Today we have told you about the main metrics that exist in the world of SEO, social media and Inbound Marketing. We hope you put them into practice as soon as possible and that you see the benefits for your company. Thanks for reading us!Nueva llamada a la acción}

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