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what is your buyer persona, how to create it, its advantages and importance.

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In any marketing strategy the first step should be to know who we are targeting, as our entire strategy depends on this, and this will be achieved by defining our buyer persona, in this post we will show you everything you need to know about it and we will also show you how to define it for your business.

what is the buyer persona?

When we talk about buyer persona we are referring to the ideal customer archetype of a particular product or service, this is formed by demographic data and other information related to their online behavior and their personal and professional profile.

So basically the buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer formed by the data of real customers. It is a prototype of the customer that is intended to be the ideal customer of our company.

why is it important?

Something fundamental in any strategy is to know who we are addressing, especially because for our company to be successful we must know what content we should create, adapt our proposal to our audience, as well as the message and the channels we will use. If we know our potential customers, including their needs, their tastes, and their concerns, we will know how to create content proposals that they perceive of value and quality. Knowing the pain of our buyer persona we have something very valuable, if we know what their needs and concerns are, we will know how to solve them thanks to our products or services.

For all this, the importance of having a mental image of our buyer persona is of vital importance, for this we need a series of information, what? Read on!

  • Personal: Within all the personal information of our ideal customer we include their needs and concerns, as well as the goals and motivations they have in life.
  • Online behaviour: Here we can see everything the user does on the internet, from the networks and platforms they use to where they search for information or how often they search for it.
  • Work behaviour: This is also a very important point as it will influence their decisions, their influences and responsibilities have a lot to do with their consumer behaviour.
  • Relationship with our company: With this we will see how they know our brand and why they have decided to buy or hire us, as well as the relationship they have with the brand.

Benefits of creating your buyer persona

This point should not be in the post, since within creating your buyer persona, everything is beneficial, it is even necessary to continue with any strategy.

You should NEVER aim to attract just anyone to your business or website, it is much more beneficial for your brand to attract the right people, if you attract those who are interested in your brand, you will convert much more and you will have segmented your audience, something that does not happen if you focus your strategy on reaching the largest possible number of users. Having your buyer persona, your focus will be much greater, every piece of content you decide to create will be oriented to them and you will convert much more.

  • Identify where your competitors spend their time

Thanks to creating your buyer persona, you will have information about where your ideal customer is, both platforms and channels, thanks to this you can adjust the focus on which you are putting all the efforts of your marketing campaign, so you will establish your presence where they are and you can distribute your content so that they have a greater reach among your potential customers.

  • You know more accurately the needs and problems of your consumers

A very important point when creating your buyer persona is to know what they want and what they need, this will be achieved by analysing their consumption habits. Knowing your consumers well, you will know what to offer them at all times.

  • Guide the development of your products

Once you know what your consumers need, you can help them to satisfy that need by improving your products, adapting them to the needs they need to cover. This way they will feel that the company cares about them and their trust in the brand will increase, as a close bond will have been created between the two of you.

  • Create the right content

With your buyer persona in place, you will know exactly what content to create for them, and this content will be so targeted to them that they will feel it is exclusive and personalised content, which will attract a higher volume of leads, ultimately leading to increased sales.

how do I create my buyer persona?

Although it is vitally important to define your ideal customer, it is not an easy task, you have to take a lot of factors into account, being highly specific in gathering information. But thanks to the steps below, this will seem like a piece of cake.

  1. Name the buyer persona
    Yes, as you hear it, name your buyer persona, first of all, thanks to this you will identify it much better, besides having an ideal customer archetype set for the brand. It may be that for the same campaign two different buyer personas fit, so it is important to name them, to have a much clearer strategy.

  2. Determine their personal and work situation
    In order to build your buyer persona, you have to answer certain questions, on the one hand, related to the work environment, to find out if they work, their salary, their future projection... On the other hand there are the questions of personal and family environment, in which we will find out if they are married, if they have children, how many, and others. All these questions will help us to better understand the needs of our buyer persona, which will help us to define it more clearly.

  3. Define demographic data
    This is a very common resource within a marketing campaign, this includes other more basic personal data such as age, gender, geographic location, social class, etc. This is very useful when segmenting our audience.

  4. Online behaviour
    Your buyer persona's online behaviour is really important, you have to find out what channels they are on in order to target your content, it is also important to know their consumption habits, so you know what days and times they are active.

  5. Define their goals and dreams
    This is where the importance of the ideal customer really lies, by knowing what they want, it will be very easy to build a bond with them, they will feel that they can trust us.

  6. Take action
    Once you know what motivates your buyer persona, you have to create products or services that can satisfy these needs. Solving their problems will help you get closer to them, and it will be much easier to build loyalty.

  7. Define product expectations
    You must always anticipate everything that may hinder the sales process, such as all the inconveniences that the customer may encounter, as well as the price, quality, etc.

What is clear after reading this post is that one of the most important points in a marketing strategy is to define your buyer persona, it brings many benefits and you just have to follow these simple steps to create it, what are you waiting for?

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