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what is UX and how to improve it with Inbound marketing?

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If you have ever wondered what is UX and what is it for, you have come to the perfect post to solve your doubts. This term is well known in the world of digital marketing and it is no wonder, its importance has grown in recent years. Continue reading to not miss anything about this topic.

what is UX?

The UX (User experience) whose acronym in Spanish means "user experience", although you've probably also seen it as "UX Design". But what is user experience? It is everything that a person perceives when interacting before, during and after coming into contact with a web page or platform.

Although many believe that user experience only refers to the design of the website, this is not the case, it alludes to everything that the brand represents and what it makes users feel. UX seeks ways to make the user's life easier so that they have a good experience when browsing a website, that is, to create a platform that fits their needs.

User experience has another important function and that is to understand the user's behaviour on an emotional level, firstly to understand how they behave and to offer them the best possible experience, and secondly because a user will remember much better how your brand made them feel than the product itself.

This user experience is measured by factors such as usefulness, usability and accessibility.

what is UX for?

It is not about graphic design, but about designing an interface that meets the requirements to offer a good user experience. This concept changes frequently, as technological advances do too, as do user preferences and the emergence of new types of interaction.

User experience is concerned, for example, with the loading time of a page. It is clear that if a website takes more than 3-5 seconds to load, the user is likely to abandon it, which is why UX has become so important in recent years.

You have to make your website attractive to your potential customer, so that they feel interested in your brand. To do this, your website must be useful and easy to use, or in just a few seconds they will decide that they are not interested and will abandon you before taking any action.

Therefore, the UX is in charge of determining how easy or difficult it is for the user to interact with all the elements of your website's interface, focusing on optimisation tasks to make it effective and pleasant to use.


Inbound Marketing and UX design

First, let's briefly explain what Inbound marketing is . This is a methodology that combines non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques for users with the aim of contacting them at the beginning of the process and accompanying them on the way to the end, i.e. the purchase. Its main difference with other strategies is that the customer is the centre, not the product as is common, so it offers appropriate content for each of the phases to lead to the final transaction.

Working these two strategies together is fundamental to be successful. Both seek to help your future customer with their needs in an effective way. A good inbound strategy provides you with quality content to solve their concerns and needs, while UX design facilitates these objectives by creating a good experience for the user who comes into contact with your website.

But why are both important? You can have great content, which brings value to your customer and is of quality, but if you have a bad UX design, the user will abandon your site immediately when they come in contact with it.

That is why the UX strategy is improved with Inbound marketing through aspects such as:

  • buyer persona

The first thing you have to take into account is: what your ideal customer is like, how they behave and what their needs are. Creating a profile of your buyer persona is important, as your strategies will focus on them. This is fundamental in the inbound methodology, because the customer is at the centre, not the product.

By understanding the needs and concerns of your customers, you can create a better user experience, such as a fast loading page or an intuitive and functional navigation.

  • provoke emotions

In both UX and Inbound, the aim is to generate an emotion in the customer, since this makes the difference with your competition. Seek to generate positive emotions to make that customer loyal to your brand and come back to you. The important thing is to build trust to convert them into loyal customers.

  • customer journey

A customer journey is a representation of the process a customer goes through to make a purchase. If you understand the whole process a customer goes through from the moment they search for a solution to the moment they make a purchase, you will gain an advantage.

If your user experience is good from the moment the customer enters the discovery phase, they will want to keep getting to know you, so they will move on to the next phase, the consideration phase.

By understanding the customer journey, you can offer them a better user experience so that when they interact with your web platform they decide to stay, leading to a purchase.

  • quality content

This section is important in Inbound marketing because if you generate valuable content for your potential customer, you will get them interested in your brand and start generating links.

You can have made the best UX design, but if your content does not bring anything new, does not attract attention, no matter how good interface you have created, the user will leave your website in just a few seconds.

Now that you know what UX is, and the importance of doing it well on your website, it's time to put it into action. Combining it with the Inbound marketing strategy will give you better results. You can provide the best user experience to your potential customers, while attracting them to convert them into customers. Remember that the key to success is to have a satisfied user.

Like many other aspects of marketing, combining different tools and techniques will help you get better results, so don't hesitate to combine both strategies!

we hope you enjoyed this post!

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