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what is the Google Display Network?

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The Google display network is a group of websites, videos and applications that have volunteered to host display advertising on their pages. It is a group of all websites that dedicate a part of their space to locate banners with advertising from other companies in exchange for a fee.

This type of advertising is known as display advertising, where Google's network ranks first in affiliates and in terms of its large reach: it reaches more than 90% of internet users. This is because the pages and websites that make up its display network are pages with a lot of traffic and visits on the internet.

Display advertising

Display advertising consists, as we said, of placing advertising banners of one company or brand on the site of another. This piece of advertising that is placed on the pages of the display network is known as a banner. It is generally a rectangular portion and sometimes the banners are dynamic (floating) and slide with the cursor following the path that the user makes on the page, always being present on the screen. The banner can include image, text and audio, and can create ads in the form of image or video. They adapt to different devices such as tablets and mobiles, decreasing or increasing their size proportionally without losing information or quality, as well as moving position if necessary for correct viewing.

Regarding the payment method, there are four main payment models for display advertising.

  • CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) an amount is paid for the ad to be seen a thousand times on the platform. Once this number is reached, the payment must be resumed or the ad disappears.
  • CPC (Cost per click): the advertiser pays every time a user clicks on their ad, this rate guarantees that every euro invested in the advertising strategy.
  • Cost per Action: the advertiser only pays when the customer performs a certain action, such as buying a product. Part of this profit, however, usually goes to the page that hosts the banner.
  • Flat rate: a fixed amount is paid regardless of the number of clicks or visits on the ad.

Google Ads

Google display campaigns are available as part of the Google Ads offer. 35 million websites are part of this network, which is why being part of this display network is so profitable and generates good results.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of being part of the Google Display network is being able to benefit from appearing on your own websites such as Gmail or YouTube, which means, on the one hand, extending the campaign's coverage beyond the search engine, but also having access to some of the most visited websites in the world as a place to place your banners.

However, precisely because of the great opportunity of being part of this network, it is highly recommended to manage the campaign in a segmented way. Due to the large number of users who request display campaigns with the Google network, if the desired campaign is not segmented, you may obtain different results to those expected. As there is so much demand, it is advisable to specify which objectives, targets, and geographical areas you want to reach so that, among all its offer of websites, Google Ads chooses the most suitable for your campaign.

The display network helps you to find the right audience to find potential customers at the right time and in the right place:

  • Use audience segments to find new customers or maintain the interest of existing ones.This is done through segments and similar and purchase intent segments.Display advertising is, at the same time, a usual strategy in remarketing advertising because it is often used by segmenting customers among those who already visited the website at a previous time, and thus receive that new reminder while browsing elsewhere.
  • Automatic targeting increases conversions by identifying high-performing audience segments based on your current audiences and landing pages. The longer you use the Google Ads network, the better it gets to know your audience and your site and the more optimal the targeting, with correspondingly better campaign results.

Advantages of the Google Network

  • Sales and leads: use compelling calls to action to increase sales and registrations.

  • Awareness and consideration: create memorable ads to make users aware of your brand or consider buying your product.

  • Coverage: Reach users beyond search results as they browse websites and apps.

  • Your data segments: reconnect with users who have already seen your ads or visited your site.

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