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what is a lead magnet?

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One of the main objectives of a brand or company is to get more customers and sales, and one of the most efficient methods is to create a content marketing strategy.

Within the Inbound marketing methodology, a very efficient tool to achieve this objective is the use of lead magnets, and this practice is part of the content strategy.

In this post we tell you all about lead magnets so that you don't have any doubts, read on and don't miss anything!

what is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is any type of valuable content that a company or brand gives free of charge to a user in exchange for their contact details.

The objective of this tool is to generate leads, that is to say, to go from user to lead, in order to guide them through the conversion funnel to the end and convert them into customers. The aim is to increase the probability that the user will make a purchase.

It is very important that you are clear about your buyer persona (one or more profiles), so that the content you create is relevant and of value to them, that it resolves their doubts and needs.

To make your lead magnets as effective as possible, include a CTA (call to action) to attract your customers to that content. Also pay attention to your landing page, which is a web page specifically designed to convert visitors into leads.

In short, a lead magnet is exclusive content that you make available to a user for free in exchange for contact information.


Benefits of a lead magnet

We have already told you that the main objective of this technique within content marketing is to generate leads. Now we will explain the benefits of creating this type of content for your brand:

  1. increase your database. It is clear that when a user leaves their contact details in exchange for a benefit, your database increases. This is essential for your strategy, as handling this information correctly will help you to continue providing value and educating that lead, to take them to the next stage.
  2. greater chance of converting those leads into customers. Thanks to lead magnet content, you have obtained a lead, that is, the user has joined your database. Now it is time to nurture them to take them to the end of the conversion and turn them into customers. The more leads you generate, the more likely they are to become potential customers.
  3. identify in which stage of the buyer's journey is the user. Usually, you do not create a single content, so depending on the lead magnet you can identify in which stage is that user. If he downloads your product catalogue, it is because he has already done the research work and is thinking about buying from you. If you know in which exact point he is, you can draw a strategy that will help him to solve his problem.
  4. it is important that you keep users interested in your brand, and for this you need relevant content for them. This is the importance of creating lead magnets. If these contents not only solve the needs, doubts and problems of users, but also keep their interest in the long term, you will get them to become loyal to your brand.
  5. improve your ability to be found in search engines. Don't forget about SEO, applying search engine optimisation techniques to your content is what will help you increase traffic to your website. The use of lead magnets gives you the opportunity for users to reach your website after performing a search.

Types of lead magnets

There are different types of lead magnets, and using one or another will depend on aspects such as the characteristics of your products or services, the marketing strategy you are carrying out, the size of your company, the market niche you belong to, etc. The main requirement that you must fulfil is that these are free, but they are given in exchange for filling in a form to leave your contact details.

The most used formats of lead mangets are:

  • eBooks
  • whitepapers
  • infographics
  • webinars
  • studies
  • checklists
  • courses
  • special discounts and promotions
  • exclusive videos
  • freemium access
  • guides
  • templates
  • seminars
  • free trials

These are just a few examples, but I'm sure you will find and think of many more when you get down to work with it. You can offer any type of content as long as it is attractive to your target audience, but think that there are contents that fit better than others. For example, if you have an e-commerce you might want to go for discounts and exclusive promotions, but if you have a website that offers online training, you could go for free courses or webinars to let them know what your training is like.

¿Cómo generar leads a través del vídeo

You already have a clear idea of what lead magnets are and the benefits they generate for your company. It is important that you do not stop creating them, you must keep updating these contents, so that they are not always the same.

Remember that for your lead magnets to work and convert users into leads, it is necessary that the contents are of quality and designed for your buyer persona.

we hope we have solved all your doubts and that you have enjoyed this article!

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