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what are keywords and their importance in strategic SEO?

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In digital marketing the term keyword or keyword is very popular, and no wonder, since these are essential to work well the SEO of a website or blog.

But don't worry if you don't know what keywords are, in this article we explain them to you and tell you why they are important for SEO. Keep reading to solve all your doubts!

what are keywords?

Keywords refer to the terms that users use on the internet to perform a search. Keywords can be composed of a single word or a set, i.e. a phrase, which is known as a long tail keyword.

Keywords help users to find the most relevant results for their query and they are the ones that allow them to classify the content to help them get the best information. Therefore, everything that is searched for in the search engine (usually Google) is considered a keyword, whether it is a single term or a phrase.

In SEO, keywords are also the search terms that the owner of a website uses to optimise it in order to be better positioned in the SERP of the search engine. Generally, when we talk about a search engine we refer to Google, since it is the most used search engine worldwide and the first in our country.

Types of keywords

There are different types of keywords, and here we show you what they are:

  • according to the search intention of the user, within this classification we find the following 4:
    1. Navigational: When the user searches for the site or the specific page to access the official site. Instead of typing the complete URL, you type the name of the brand.
    2. Informative: The user is looking for information about a topic, i.e. they are looking for an answer to a question or information in general.
    3. Commercial or transactional: When the user's search intention is to buy or acquire a product or service.
  • according to the length, depending on the number of words of which the keyword is composed, they are organised into:
    1. Short tail, made up of a single word, generally with a large search volume and are usually very generic terms, such as "marketing" or "trainer"
    2. Medium tail: Composed of 2-3 words, they are more specific searches and are the most common in SEO strategy, for example, "Inbound marketing" or "trainers"
    3. Long tail: These keywords are very specific, usually composed of more than 3 words, and have a lower search volume. Well thought out, they work well for SEO, an example would be: "how to apply inbound marketing in my company" or "women's sports shoes for mountain"

why are keywords important and what are they for in SEO?


They are important because thanks to them, users find what they are looking for, and for you, as the administrator of a website, they help you to be better positioned and therefore, when they search on Google, you appear among the first results.

Keywords are essential for SEO positioning, as search engines need to know what the content is in order to classify it, which is why it is important to choose the right keywords, as these will allow you to position your content in the first results, which translates into an increase in visits.

But they are not only important for the positioning of your site, but also because they respond to the search made by the user on the internet. It is necessary to know your ideal customer, that is, to create your buyer persona, to understand how they act on the web and to know what words they would use to find something. If you do not know how your potential customers search and you use the wrong words that do not correspond to the text they type in the search engine, you will lose your audience .

Keywords are useful for users and potential customers to find an answer to their questions. One of the bases of your SEO strategy is that you should think about the keywords you are going to use to position your content. Here we recommend that you do a good keyword research, where you have a document with a comprehensive list of keywords, including long tail keywords, so that you can consult it every time you upload a new content to your website.

You should not always go for high volume words, i.e., most likely, if you sell "running shoes", this keyword has a high volume and therefore, it is more difficult to position, and if you want to bid for it, it will have a higher cost per click (CPC). Therefore we encourage you to use the long tail, an example would be: "women's running shoes for running"

It is important, as we mentioned before, to know your buyer persona, to know what their needs are and what they are looking for on the internet in order to focus your objectives on them. One of your objectives will be to attract visitors to your website so that they can become customers or leads.

Now that you know what a keyword is and how important it is for SEO, it is time to start a good keyword research to apply them to your website.

Remember that you must always keep your customer in mind, to find the right keywords that suit their searches and also help you to rank in search engines.

we hope you enjoyed reading this!

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