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what does HubSpot bring to a business?

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The most rational way to tell you what HubSpot is all about starts with a love story: yours and your customers.

Consumers are in control, and you, as a company, must change your marketing and sales efforts completely. Stop focusing all your attention on the products and services you offer and fall in love with those who are moved by emotions and feelings. The heart rules. People are normal consumers, but if your messages are impersonal and poorly crafted, they will ignore you. And no matter where you move: blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or on the most wonderful website in the world. Because it is not the medium, but the voice.

It's been proven that the most effective way to engage your customers is with Inbound marketing and sales strategies, and that's what HubSpot was created for. A matter of faith? No way, we have data.

4 things HubSpot brings to your business

The latest State of Inbound report showed that the main objective of companies for the 12 months that are about to end was to convert contacts/sales opportunities into customers. If something is not flowing in your strategy, it's time to learn how the king of Inbound methodology works and what it can bring to businesses:

  1. Software, services and the support you need to work marketing and sales effectively through a single platform.

Everything in order, everything centralised. Many companies and sales teams pursue this goal, but they do it through multiple tools that take too much time, effort and money in complex integrations (various logins, user interfaces, help centres, technical support and lots of headache relievers). As a downside, having different platforms means you don't get a complete view of user interactions, nor do you get a complete view of the results.

With HubSpot, everything changes. You can manage all your marketing and sales actions from one place and get a real ROI, or return on investment, from the entire funnel. Get ready to move from using small, ineffective applications to a complete platform.

  1. Training to educate all those who want to learn about the world of Inbound Marketing.

After the founders of this methodology, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, realised that companies and startups were having a hard time getting their products and services out there and made software for marketing and sales, they decided to also create certifications to teach people how to do marketing. HubSpot Academy certifies all those professionals who want to get involved in the Inbound universe. Some of their courses are: Inbound, Content Marketing, How to build a Twitter strategy, HubSpot Software, Writing Courses, Internal Marketing, Growth Driven Design, and a long etcetera. Check them out by clicking on this link.

Don't worry if you don't have much knowledge on the subject, because HubSpot helps you sort your knowledge from scratch. Just open your mind and let things flow.

  1. Automation in every single process.

HubSpot CRM brings automation to all those time-consuming mechanical and heavy tasks, such as data processing. The system is ready to automatically integrate leads coming into the platform, which saves a lot of time and reduces error margins. This platform also helps you automate the follow-up of sales opportunities with email marketing campaigns. Still don't know how to send the right messages to the perfect sales opportunities at the right time? Choose from a dozen actions and do it now.

  1. Segment your database so your sales team can do their job much more efficiently.

Create lists to filter different segments or groups within the totality of your contacts based, for example, on the information you get from your visitors, followers on social networks, etc. If you receive emails, you can differentiate whether they are personal or from companies, fake or real addresses, etc., and start doing a useful segmentation looking for more information. But before taking this step, you must be very clear about what you need to sell effectively. Is your goal to get more subscribers? Do you need an email? Is your goal that your subscribers share your content? Do you need to know the social networks where they move and the hashtags they monitor?

Be the cupid of your customers with HubSpot's CRM and send arrows in the right direction. Do you have any doubts? Solve them in this short video with our Communication Director, Daniel Collado, and Marketing Director, Javier Gutiérrez:


The customer always at the centre

Everything we have told you is not only aimed at the company for its business management, contacts and tasks, but also at your customers. Remember that the HubSpot CRM provides everything you need to ORGANISE, MONITOR and NURTURE the relationships with them and with your leads or sales opportunities. In addition, it ensures that you already have a minimum covered, because to be a partner, you first need to have a series of certifications.

You will be able to guarantee your future clients that you already have expertise just by mentioning the star word: HubSpot. You will have success stories and, even better, you will maintain them over time with good practices and effective results.

The customers of the companies that implement this CRM feel part of them, because they are. They are the centre of the platform (marketing campaigns, support team, sales, etc.), and their relationship with the company is no longer based on A, B and C (I attract, I convert and that's it), but rather the relationship with the customer is nurtured and maintained over time. From the first contact to a lifetime. Is there a better way to take care of people?

Conclusions about HubSpot's support for your business

HubSpot's platform not only provides automation, segmentation, training and the support you need, but also the resources you need to reach customers today: blogging to create and publish content; sites to design and publish web pages within HubSpot; landing pages to gather information from prospects; social media to monitor, publish and share content; email to create newsletters, automate emails, etc. Manage your marketing actions completely!

In the end, companies never start from scratch, but HubSpot allows them to make business decisions knowing what impact they are going to have for a given contact.

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