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Linkedin trend: video marketing

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hey, do you have a LinkedIn page that has been forgotten and you're still not using it to its full potential?

And if not, you're in the right place to find out, because we're going to show you video marketing trends for your LinkedIn profile.

you don't know what you're missing!

what do you know about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is more than just a space for communication between professionals and companies. It is the leader among professional social networks because it works! And even more so since the option to upload native videos to the platform was created, as there is no doubt that this will open a new path for marketing strategies focused on B2B.

For businesses..

  • Allows you to keep up to date with the latest developments in the sector.
  • It is 100% business focused.
  • Facilitates networking with other strategic partners
  • Connects with suppliers and potentialcustomers.
  • Promotes brands'products and services.
  • Provides relevant information about the competition.

Data does not lie..

  • "79% of marketers see LinkedIn as a good source of leads"(Kinsta)
  • "LinkedIn has 650 million registered users, more than 30 million companies represented, more than 20 million open job postings, more than 90,000+ schools, colleges and universities added and more than 50,000 different skills in user profiles"(Triumph with LinkedIn)
  • "65% of Spanish companies have a corporate account on LinkedIn"(Statista)
  • "1 in 4 Spanish internet users have an open account on LinkedIn, which equates to a penetration rate of around 26% of Spanish society"(Seoptimer)
  • "In 2017, 74% of predicted online traffic would be video and 59% of senior executives preferred watching video to reading text"(Triumphs with LinkedIn)

As a perfect space to connect businesses, it has gained a lot of importance in the B2B (Business to Business) sector. Why not take advantage of its full potential to create your own virtual showcase and reach more people?

Let's see where to start..

Video marketing strategies on LinkedIn: first steps

why and what for? You see, LinkedIn has a very broad ecosystem of companies and customers. If you've already defined your buyer persona, you've probably realised that it's one of the most common places your audience accesses to find information. And better yet, more than 20% of them log on to this social network every day.

The question is why, having a space within your reach where your potential audience is present, don't you implement potential marketing strategies?

And the answer is not "because I'm worth it". We are all worth it if we are able to build well-defined, planned strategies that are adapted to the audience. We tell you how to start yours:

  1. Optimise your website to the maximum. Start by changing your cover image to attract the user's attention from the first second and make sure it represents the essence of your company. Use a clear and simple description, it is the perfect opportunity to make yourself known.
  2. Publish relevant content. The most important thing is to have something valuable to tell. This is the only way to generate interaction with users and build an active community. Use institutional videos, short texts, add images and don't forget to include a CTA or Call To Action.

Beyond being a platform for job search, LinkedIn is also a marketing tool where you can publish your videos. Especially now that more and more companies are enabling the option to upload videos directly on the social network. Your audience is more excited to hear a human voice or see moving images than to read the most beautiful text in the world. And if you also show them the faces of the company, it will increase their trust and keep their attention.

With the addition of the option to create and publish videos, the social network has brought us a great opportunity to boost brand communication strategies on this channel.

So, here are some video marketing strategies on LinkedIn that you can start applying right now:

  1. Video to present products and services, in which you can include descriptions, photos, operation, features, etc. of your products.
  2. Interviews with professionals in your sector or a specific department of your company, which can be of great interest to your potential audience.
  3. Corporate video to present your brand values, facilities, processes or experience in a simple, truthful and close way.
  4. Video explainer or Motion Graphics (2D and 3D) to communicate powerful messages and explain complex concepts in a simple way. They are very popular!
  5. Attractiveanimated GIFs to convey visual information in a matter of seconds and improve the understanding of the message.
  6. Tutorials and information pills to easily distribute knowledge and convey information in an effective and entertaining way.
  7. Video to promote your events, even if they have recently taken place virtually.
  8. Accompany your blog posts with video and share them on LinkedIn. You can even create short videos with the content of your most successful blog posts.
  9. Testimonial videos to tell stories, experiences, opinions of your customers or employees with the brand. You will notice the confidence boost.
  10. 360-degree video to look at life (your brand) from another dimension, from all perspectives, as and when you want. Give your brand a modern touch.

In short, you have a great opportunity ahead of you to reach your audience and make them fall in love with you. There are no excuses, especially now that we have started a new year and new trends in video marketing are on the horizon.

Video marketing trends in 2021: what we have yet to see

Pay attention to what's here to stay, because you can apply new video marketing strategies on LinkedIn and adapt them to the profile of your potential customers.

What's new:

  • Video for presenting virtual events. Needless to say, the pandemic situation we are living through because of Covid-19 goes without saying, but it is the main reason why the virtual event is becoming so fashionable. Or, at least, why it has become so fashionable so fast. Video conferences and recorded or live product presentations will continue to grow.
  • The challenge of TikTok in content production: Many companies are adding this channel to their video marketing strategies to reach new audiences, share entertaining content and engage their target audience.
  • Video presentations on websites and blogs will help to improve the user experience. The public feels identified with the video thanks to its practical content. Take advantage of it! Text as the only medium for information is becoming obsolete.

ready to harness the power of video marketing on LinkedIn? Tell us how you communicate and we'll tell you how you sell!

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