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The importance of the Back Office in eCommerce

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what are the day-to-day tasks in e-commerce like? Nowadays, the idea of opening a physical shop without thinking about its online presence is almost inconceivable. In fact, opening an online shop is starting to become a habit that is driving e-commerce and is gaining more and more followers. When we decide to open a business of these characteristics, the first thing we must consider is what our front-end is going to be like. That is, the design and usability to facilitate access from any device, as this is fundamental to attract potential customers.

Dozens of processes are set in motion when a user selects one of the products of an eCommerce to start their purchase (administrative procedures, order preparation, payment methods, etc.). All these processes are generated in the back office, a part of the company that does not deal directly with the customer, but that influences their satisfaction. It is essential for the eCommerce to deliver the order to the consumer within the set deadline.

what is the role of the back office in eCommerce?

There are some keys that you should never lose sight of in the management of your online shop, and we are going to summarise them in the following points:

  • Be different, and offer a unique user experience while providing added value. Your strategy must be unique, from the marketing campaign itself to the management of your orders and communication with customers.
  • Ensure the security of transactions for consumers.

The back office is key to your omnichannel sales strategy and the quality of your operations depends directly on it. In the end, the way you work the back office of your online shop will have a direct impact on the front office.

The back office is the place where the order will be registered and where the interaction with the customer begins. Therefore, we must be aware of answering the questions that users ask us, the returns produced, the stock, the orders, the payment gateways and a long etcetera.

Due to the importance and influence of this area in customer relations and service quality, eCommerces must update their online shop, take care of it, run offers and other promotions from time to time. Are you doing anything to improve the performance of your online shop? Are you keeping it up to date?

what are some of the things you do on a daily basis in eCommerce?

The eCommerce back office is the place where many tasks related to the internal part of the company are managed on a daily basis. It is also essential for the smooth running of the company and includes:

  • Accounting and administration. It refers to the follow-up and processing of all the payments that are still pending, as well as other administrative tasks: reviewing the customer service system, answering queries, interacting on social networks, after-sales service, etc.

  • Logistics is a key element in online shops, as the sale is not finalised until the product is in the customer's hands. It directly influences customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, many products require a special logistics service, such as furniture, as they are usually very heavy.

  • Payment gateways: It is important for eCommerce to have payment methods adapted to the consumer, so it is important to know who your potential customer is. For example, if you receive a lot of purchases from Chinese tourists, it is ideal to have their local payment methods to facilitate the process and avoid any kind of error. Go for one-click payment!

  • Regulations: watch out for penalties! The regulations concerning e-commerce are becoming stricter and stricter, so we must be aware of changes in the legal field. Our website must be registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

  • Support technology. Offer exceptional support for your online shop. According to BrainSINS data, "90% of customers expect to maintain a consistent experience across different contact channels", and "46% of online consumers expect brands to offer online customer service".

  • Purchase and order management: This whole process directly influences the user experience, as the customer will be satisfied if the product and service they receive is up to their expectations. This whole process includes from the moment the customer buys a product on the platform until it is delivered.

  • Design: Development and programming professionals are the best people to recommend and design the most suitable online shop. There are a number of elements that cannot be missing: the internal search engine, the quick preview, and differentiated CTAs, among others.

  • Communication: Use video as an effective means of communication, social networks to get closer to the customer, and an appropriate customer service policy.

For all these tasks to be carried out successfully, you must have a good back office service. Tell us your doubts without obligation.

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