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Top social selling strategies on LinkedIn

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Fame comes at a price, even on LinkedIn. Getting leads and sales through social media requires effort and enthusiasm. That's how social selling works, or rather, the use of social media to identify and build relationships with users and customers.

why do you think the sales department uses them more and more? For fun? For hobbies? They provide a bit of everything, but this is not the reason for their popularity in sales. On the contrary, they are used to offer value to consumers. How? By answering their questions and sharing content of interest.

are you doing it? Looking for strategies to bring your LinkedIn profile to life? Stick around.

History and evolution of the cold door

Now that you are clear on what it is, let's review its history. Social selling didn't come into the world for the love of art, it was a sought-after technique. The need to put an end to the old sales model based on the cold door explains it very well:

  • In former times, experts went door-to-door offering their products.
  • This evolved into phone calls. Today, 90% receive no response.
  • Then came the internet and mail services. Today, most of those emails are not opened. They go straight to the deleted folder.

what has changed? Why did this technique work in the past and now everyone hates it? In two words, because it DOESN'T WORK. The emergence of social media has opened up a world of possibilities for both B2C and B2B brands. The growth of the internet and the information that lives on the web has put all kinds of resources at our fingertips to make a coherent purchasing decision.

The cold door has been a kind of fast food restaurant where you pay a low price for a high quantity. In sales, we are talking about low quality and high volume calls to close leads. In other words, getting results at the cost of intrusion and bullying. Why be with someone who doesn't want or need you? Sooner or later, they will leave. Accept rejection, it's part of the business!

With the birth of social media, a new way of engaging with customers, obtaining sales opportunities and creating branding is emerging. It's social selling! Far from interrupting users, try to naturally reach the minds of potential customers, letting them choose you. Don't sell anything. Attract naturally through relevant content that awakens the interest of the audience.

We owe this evolution to the rise of the digital revolution and the easy access to the internet through computers, smartphones and tablets. Just as social networks have changed the way we relate to each other, they have also marked a before and after in the way we consume products and services on the market.

3 reasons why you should have a social selling strategy in your company

"How many times have you heard this expression? But make no mistake, just as having a website does not mean being well positioned, being on LinkedIn is not social selling.

If you want to sell on social networks, you need something more:

  • Don't sell as a company, but as a person: "People don't buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons" - Zig Ziglar
  • Create and share valuable content, content that will serve the customer and arouse their interest. Content that they can only find in your profile.
  • Define your buyer persona before starting any strategy. You will be sure to attract the type of potential customer you need.
  • Choose the right social networks for your industry and company. Find out where your audience is.
  • Follow the right accounts. And don't forget to turn on LinkedIn notifications to follow your prospects.

The rest will come as you go along. Now that you know these simple tips, we invite you to take note of the main reasons why you should have a social selling strategy for your business:

  1. Users spend a large part of their daily time on social networks. If you are present on them, it will be easier for them to find you.
  2. Around 85% of brands are already considering interaction on social media- don't get left behind!
  3. People, especially the younger generation, connect much better with companies with a social media presence.

You won't build a social selling strategy on LinkedIn overnight, nor will you reap results tomorrow, but realising its importance today is a decisive first step.

4 social selling strategies on LinkedIn

Repeat after us "I will never again contact users using the cold door". Even with that, you can't leave these techniques behind? This is what happens to many brands that were born in times when the interconnected ecosystem of the internet and social networks had not yet been consolidated. That's why today we want to share with you 4 strategies and tips for social selling on LinkedIn that will allow you to move forward once and for all.

It makes sense: you are looking to contact your potential audience and then close the sale. And where do you think your audience is most receptive? On social networks.

  1. Start by optimising your personal profile on LinkedIn. It's your showcase, your business card. Use a good presentation image, with a professional touch. Don't just say who you are, show it too. Create attractive titles, write an interesting excerpt and get contacts.
  2. Publish valuable content for users, i.e. texts, infographics, gifs or videos that answer the questions and satisfy the needs of your potential audience. Think carefully about their concerns and objectives. Put yourself in their shoes. This is the only way you will be able to offer them what they really need.
  3. Design push strategies, i.e. actions focused on generating an audience for your brand. They will help you to attract customers.
  4. Create a network of professional contacts and take care of it. We are not talking about friends, as it happens on Facebook, but contacts. So it will be of little use to have the friend's cousin and the grandson's uncle. Find professional contacts and invite them to connect with personalised messages. That is what LinkedIn's search engine is for.

Social selling is 100% digital. Need help? Contact Occam Digital Agency, that's what we're here for.

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