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Inbound Marketing and how to make customers fall in love with you

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Just when we thought that everything in marketing had already been invented, they come along and surprise us with something apparently new: Inbound Marketing.

Although it may seem like an innovation, the basis of Inbound Marketing dates back to the 50's and 60's. But it has been Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah and David Meerman Scott who have developed and shaped it in recent years.

As we have said in other posts, userbehaviours have changed, they no longer react in the same way when they see an ad. As recipients we are no longer passive. Today most recipients of advertising messages change channels when they see ads; they unsubscribe from mailings; less than 50% of the mail they receive is even opened; and there are now more than 200 million people who have signed up to a list so that nobody calls them again offering services or products.

We haveto give the customer something that they love, that they need.

Peter Drucker, philosopher and expert in organisational management and the knowledge society, said that marketing aims to know and understand the consumer so well that the product fits their needs. On the other hand, Seth Godin, computer scientist, philosopher, writer and marketing expert, synthesises what he called Permission Marketing, a sales process, which consisted of not attacking the customer, not being aggressive and letting the customer move forward step by step. This is where Inbound Marketing comes in , which is a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that attracts people to your brand and turns them into prescribing customers.

inbound marketing

but why is Inbound Marketing different? Inbound Marketing uses SEOas its main tool, i.e. SEO mechanism , blogs and their content, seeks to be attractive and focuses on the needs and "feelings" of the customer. Inbound Marketing does not attack the customer, but seeks to persuade and build loyalty little by little. Therefore the three pillars of Inbound are: SEO, content marketing and social media marketing.

Customers go from being strangers, strangers to your brand, to become the best promoters of it.

The four basic marketing actions are:

  1. Attract.
  2. Convert.
  3. Close.
  4. Delight.

It is essential to generate traffic, get those leads or people who are looking for our content to become customers and finally, analyse the process to keep them active and happy. Therefore we have to be a proactive company. To do this, content is important: having a blog, photos, infographics..

But the most important thing is the context, that is, publishing the right content in the right place at the righttime so that the marketing actions are relevant and above all help your customers.

For all this to work, our company must strive to understand the changes that occur in consumers and adapt to them. The success of companies lies in the ability to carry out actions that are personalised to the experience of users and consumers, actions in which Occam Digital Agency can guide and help you .

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