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Tips for a good retargeting strategy

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Getting users to move through the conversion funnel is not an easy task, which is why it is necessary to impact them and attract their attention several times until this is achieved, and this is done thanks to retargeting campaigns.

Attracting traffic to your website is essential, but many of those users who arrive do not end up taking any action, so it is necessary to attract their attention in another way. Today we explain what it is and we will give you some tips to make a good retargeting strategy.

read on so you won't be left with any doubts!

what is retargeting?

The retargeting strategy is a digital marketing technique that consists of impacting users who have previously interacted with a website, i.e. it is based on surprising with advertising those users who have interacted with your brand or business.

Imagine that a user has entered the website of a swimwear fashion shop with the intention of making a purchase. In the end, the user does not take any action and logs out of the website. When they continue browsing other websites, they suddenly come across advertising for the products they were going to buy. This is what we call retargeting.

The main objective of this strategy is to encourage users who have been interested in your products to make the purchase, i.e. to achieve the final conversion. Thanks to retargeting you remind them that you are there.

This technique works thanks to the cookies that are installed in each user's browser every time they visit a website, so that when they visit other websites that have accepted third-party advertisements, they are shown the advertisements for the products on the pages they have visited previously.

Thanks to this strategy you can increase the CTR (click though rate), which is the number of clicks a link gets in relation to the number of impressions it has, increase conversion and win back undecided users.

Tips for a good retargeting strategy

Here is a short list of our tips to help you make your retargeting strategy work and succeed:

  • landing page

Landing pages are a key element for conversion. Also known as landing pages, they are designed to convert visitors into leads. It is the page that you reach through a call to action or CTA.

It is important that you have a specific landing page for each objective, and that they have a clear and direct message. In most cases they are the key to conversion.marketing_contenido_landing

  • adapt the discourse

Once the user has interacted with you, they already know you, so you don't need to reintroduce yourself. You have to focus on getting them to come back and buy, so adapt a message that pushes them to take that action.

  • use different creatives

It is important that you don't always launch the same message with the same photograph. You should have several different creatives and copy adapted to each of them. You have to show the user the products they have already seen because they are the ones they are interested in, but you have to generate a reaction in them.

  • measure the frequency and duration of campaigns

Some brands fail on this point: retargeting does not mean approaching the user every now and then, because in the end you will get the opposite effect. If you impact them too much you will make them feel pressured and they will not want to buy from you. Therefore, look for the perfect frequency and duration, that is, how many times you are going to show your ad and how many days you will have the campaign active.

  • make an offer

Messages that create a sense of urgency work very well in digital marketing. You can do a retargeting strategy where the ads contain an offer, a discount or a last chance to get those products.

If the user has already shown interest and you encourage them with a discount, they are more likely to come back for that opportunity. You create a sense of urgency and push them to complete the conversion.

  • perform A/B testing

As with most strategies and campaigns, it's all about testing. A/B testing involves developing and launching two versions of the same campaign and measuring which one works best .

Here you can test different creatives, landing pages, ads, etc. The objective of A/B testing is to check which version generates more web traffic.

  • measure results

In marketing, everything that is not measured cannot be improved. If you do not know how an action works, you will not be able to see if it brings you benefits or not. You need to find the right tools and metrics to measure each of your campaigns and ads. If you know what really works for you, you can bet on those techniques and improve them and discard those that do not bring you results.

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To conclude, retargeting serves to get the user to the end of the conversion funnel and make the purchase, so it is a very important strategy for your business. It is important that this type of campaign is creative to achieve impact on users.

we hope we have helped you with these tips!

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